A downloadable game for Windows

Tea For God is a VR roguelite shooter that uses impossible spaces (an euclidean orbifold or Escher-like world or more commonly known as "non euclidean" spaces) and procedural generation to allow player infinite movement within their own home.

In a distant future, humankind has been united, ruled by God Emperor. Civilization who reached for the most distant corners of the galaxy didn't notice that the greatest enemy was all the time among them. Machines, becoming religious fanatics, were silent. Hiding in every household object, observing us. Till one day, The Steve Incident day, everything changed. Machines wiped most of the humankind within hours. And killed God Emperor. You are one of the last humans. Who wants to avenge their family, pay last tribute to God Emperor, becomes a machine to infiltrate what once was God Emperor's palace.

It's currently in pre-alpha stage with a public build available as a prototype/proof of concept.

Install instructions

PC - download zip, unpack and run "tea". If you'd prefer to run explicitely SteamVR or Oculus version, choose "run_steamVR" or "run_oculus".

Oculus Quest  - download apk, sideload it and run.


v 0.4.3 (#203) - latest build 35 MB
v 0.4.3 (#203) - latest build - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
v 0.4.2 (#201) 35 MB
v 0.4.2 (#201) - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
v 0.4.1 (#200) 35 MB
v 0.4.1 (#200) - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
v 0.4.0 (#199) 35 MB
v 0.4.0 (#199) - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) 33 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) - Oculus Quest APK 31 MB
v 0.3.12 (#195) 33 MB
v 0.3.12 (#195) - Oculus Quest APK 31 MB
v 0.3.11 (#191) 33 MB
v 0.3.11 (#191) - Oculus Quest APK 55 MB
v 0.3.10 (#189) 33 MB
v 0.3.10 (#189) - Oculus Quest APK 54 MB
Tutorial Sections text file 8 kB
v 0.3.9 (#186) 33 MB
v 0.3.9 (#186) - Oculus Quest APK 54 MB
v 0.3.8 (#183) 33 MB
v 0.3.7 (#179) 51 MB
v 0.3.6 (#177) 51 MB
v 0.3.5 (#173) 52 MB
v 0.3.4 (#172) 52 MB
v 0.3.0 - first public prototype 51 MB

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Now that hand tracking on the quest is a reality (and the sdk soon enough), would you consider adding hand tracking to this game? Since it already doesn’t actively use any buttons except for grip and shoot. And seriously dude thanks for everything, like really everyone is all over my quest because of it :)


I will add that :) Not sure exactly when but if the integration is not complicated it might be quite soon.

There is one important thing though. It does use other buttons and will use more. But for the basic gameplay you're fine with just grip and shoot and that's perfectly fine to be done by hands alone. To get the most from the game, you should learn about few concepts and mechanice that will be covered by tutorials. And those will use extra buttons and a joystick.

Currently A/X is used to activate specifc EXMs (shields, deflectors), B/Y is used to pull energy (same as grip). Joystick does the energy pulling too but this is going to change - when I get to displays on hands, joystick will be used to navigate through them - change navigation targets, cycle through logs, scan area, set companion AI behaviour and so on.

And again, I plan not to make any of that required to finish the game, especially on easier difficulty levels (and there's going to be a story mode in which you cannot be killed) but you will get richer gameplay. And somewhat easier. It is similar to as playing Doom with all weapons compared to playing on nighmare difficulty with pistol only.

I cant control the sliders in the options menu with the index controllers (they work on my vive wands still)

Just a quick question, do you hold the knuckles controller with other fingers? If so, could you try relaxing your fingers and just pressing trigger (which might be not comfortable)?

When I finish the feature I am working on now, I have a task to revisit recent grab support for UI (it was meant to be used as a swipe but it doesn't make much sense, as joystick is a much better fit for scrolling).

@voidroom ... Really brilliant game,  I'm very interested in this idea of creating virtual spaces for people that fit into their existing play spaces and I haven't seen anything else like Tea out there.
I know you're developing for more than the quest, but have you thought about extending the procedural play space to use all available space. In the quest you can map in multiple rooms and hallways until you reach the 25x25' limit. This makes for some really interesting experiences having people walk around larger space in VR.

For Tea For God, it could probably make the experience much more immersive since I suspect the square of play space most people have is pretty limited and even if it is reasonably big, say 3x3m, it still results in the user having to walking pretty tight turns a lot Tea. If you were able to add the player's hallways and 1-2 rooms, I imagine it would enable a much more immersive experience where people would actually be lost in VR and not know where they were in their real space because you could make the explorable area a lot bigger and add longer hallways, etc.

Keep up the good work, this project is awesome!


Thanks :)

This is somewhere on my list, although two things are important to mention here:

1. I'd prefer to wait for official support for multiple rooms, to be treated as a single playarea. Although I haven't tried just walking around my house when drawing the guardian. So it might be actually already working. I'll try that.

2. There are lots of other things that are required to make Tea For God a game and I want to focus on that. I have a wish list, things I'd love to add, I really want to add, but that may wait for post release. One of them is the support for multiple rooms. Second is multiplayer.

But in general, I admit you're right. Having support for multiple rooms would add a lot to the game. For sure I will be experimenting with that.

Do you plan on adding full body tracking? I would love to be able to see my feet and I feel full body tracking is so under used. I would love to punt those dog bots off cliffs or kick over other bots.

I'd love to and when I add a fullbody for the avatar it might be quite easy to add the tracking.

What do you use? Two trackers attached to feet + SteamVR?

Just to be clear, this won't happen at least within next two months.

This is by the far the most engrossing experience I had on the Quest so far, the interaction with the environment works really well and I just love the robot arms/hands. I don’t even have to mention the non-euclidean use of the available room I guess ;) I haven’t touched the actual game behind it all that much and played it more like a surreal walking simulator (with occasional shootings), as the evocative atmosphere of the world and the explorative aspect is what pulls me back into the game again and again. It was actually fun just to sit down at one of the balconies enjoy the view ;) I see a lot of potential there, maybe more subtle randomization of rooms, shapes, colours and lights, more ambient sounds, more random stuff to watch and discover? I’m thinking a bit about games like Proteus here.

That being said, I think this really needs a good tutorial or, even better, some kind of in-game help or tooltip system. I still can’t wrap my mind around the energy system and what influences what, what actions are actually possible in the world, plus all the available modules are somewhat overwhelming and too abstract right now. Well, I guess this is all stuff that will be addressed later, but right now the learning curve is pretty steep if you want to do more than just walk around in tourist mode.

Anyway, still one of the most interesting VR experiments so far!

I love Proteus and although the game is focused mostly on being a roguelike, I'd like to add enough content to make it an enjoyable experience without any enemies. Most likely the story will be a bit shorter or different but it should be a similar experience. And there will be also en endless mode which would be just "walk wherever you want for as long as you want".

New environments should be coming soon. After the core gameplay mechanics are all in the game, I plan to add a few proper "levels/zones".

The tutorials will be coming as well. Short ones, focused on very specific topics. Accessible at once. And with story getting into the game, some of the basic concepts will be introduced on the way.

Great game, but the lifts sometimes constantly go up and down by themselves even if I'm in them (they just clip through me) and they seem to only allow me at random to actually push the button. Also, I have no idea what the object with two levers and a "port" is supposed to do; I put one gun in and move a lever and the number goes either up or down?

Thanks :) That bug with a lift going up and down is something I can't repro yet. I've found two cases when it was behaving like that and both were fixed but it seems that there is something else.

That device with levers is a transfer station. You put in one of your arms and with the second arm you use one of the levers. Now (I am using latest colour scheme):

1. Red lever is for health. If you push it up, you transfer energy from your health storage into the transfer station. If you pull it down, you transfer energy from the transfer station into your health storage.

2. Blue is for ammo/equipment energy. Lever works the same, it is just different thing it gets the energy from/refills.

One more thing is that if you are holding an object (it might be a spider bot or a black gun or one of the wormy mushrooms or robo dog or anything else you can hold) you can transfer energy from or to it.

This will be explained in a set of tutorials.

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Just want to say this ranks as probably my favorite VR experience so far (on the Quest). Absolutely genius. Wish you tons of success!

The game simply put, "amazing". The upgrade menu with all the selections a bit overwhelming. It's too much for me to figure it all out. 

Also quick note. I encountered a bug with the moving plat forms that move back and forth. Basically you step on the platform hit a button takes you to next platform then you step on that platform to move to next one etc. When I step in it and hit the button the platform takes off leaving me behind. 

If it is possible to repro it and you could make a video, it would help a lot. A few months ago there was such a problem but after a few fixes no one reported it and I thought it was gone/fixed.

Thanks, with persistence coming soon and tutorials after a while, it'll get easier to understand and a player will be introduced a bit slower to all systems. So don't worry about that right now :)

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Hey, when I open the app it starts up and then it goes onto an infinite loading screen, is this an issue with the Rift s? Also I've tried older versions still nothing works

We'll try to sort it out via e-mail thread, ok? Just sent you an answer.

Is this game playable with the rift s? If so which client do i dl, no matter what i do i can play for a fee seconds and then my whole headset turns off. Plz any help i wanna play this game

Did you write an email to contact@voidroom.com? If so, then we'll continue the thread there. If not, this would mean that two people have a very similair (or even the same) problem.

Dude, I played this a while back on my rift in a tiny play space. Now, I set up my quest in my parents HUGE basement, and having the huge play area, plus the wireless thing going, was INSANE! I was legit jogging through the level. 

I'm glad you brought this to quest! Can't wait for a full release =) 

Are there any tutorials on how you achieved getting a player being able to turn corners and seeing a new hallway that intersects where they just were while not showing any of that path? Are you teleporting the user, is it some kind of custom shader? I'm very curious!

Great work =) Thanks

Thanks :)

That may sound weird but I was amazed three times when I played my game:

1. when I tried impossible spaces within my bedroom, the smallest playarea there was, 2x1,5m. It felt good.

2. when I bought tpcast and went wireless. 2x2m but it was enough to feel free with no cable.

3. recently, when I played outside with 8x6m. It felt great. The place was huge and seeing a wide corridor going with a slight turn for 5 meters made me run through it.

As for tutorials, how to achieve that. I have no idea if there are any actual tutorials for impossible spaces but I've seen vidoes by people who did portals in their own engines, Unity and Unreal. The most low-level thing you may want to learn is Stencil Buffer. This is a kind of a buffer that allows you to decide where you draw stuff on the screen and where not. I use it to draw portals (increasing stencil value by one with each nested portal). You may also need to use clip-planes to clip objects that are crossing through a portal (to draw a part of an object on one side and then another part on the other side, through a stencil). There is also another way to do portals, it is with a use of rendering to a separate texture. But it is a much slower approach. I'd recommend to stick to Stencil Buffers. Oh, there is also another way, using clip-planes alone but on most of the hardware there is a limit of active clip-planes and it is quite low (6).

The things start to get tricky with physics, sound, interactions and AI.


Thanks for this great project, it's a great inspiration. I'm trying to achieve something similar, and generally the approach of the stencil portals works really well. I only get in trouble when I want to pass a portal and the stencil geoemetry (it is only a simple quad) is cut by the frustrum/near clip plane of the camera. It generates all the time nasty render artifacts :/

Did you run into the same problem and if so, can you give me a hint how you have solved it?

Thank you very much!

What I do is I prepare a front cap. It is a quad that fills the space that is not covered by a clipped portal.

The way I do that is that I calculate a line that is the result of portal clipping the near plane. This gives me a line in 2D. Then I find a point on that line that is closest to the centre (that will be a point that lies on a line perpendicular to the line we've just found, and it goes through 0,0, this makes it a lot easier, and we use that perpendicular dir anyway when constructing the quad). With that point, I am able to construct a quad. One important thing is that I make it a bit wider to cover any artefacts. Only a very little bit wider. I use a constant (0.0001f). I was experimenting with relying on near plane dist and other stuff and this constant turned out to work the best.

When I render the portal, I first render the portal as usual and then I render front cap (with no depth checks - it's near plane, right? but there are usual stencil checks (equal to current stencil depth, I increase it by one). When closing the portal (after interior is drawn) I render it the same way (one important difference is that test for stencil is provided value has to be less than in the buffer and I replace the stencil buffer content). I used to have decrease there, I used to not extend the cap, I was also experimenting with not using near plane. There were lots of odd things happening, sometimes the whole thing disappearing, sometimes there were just very narrow lines that were not covered (you could see stuff behind the portal).

Thank you very much for the help! I will try it as soon as possible!

You're welcome. If you have any questions or issues, let me know and I'll try to help. And if you'd like to show the thing you're working on, I'd be happy to take a look at it :)

What an amazing game, here. Truly a unique experience. Possibly the best use of Room-Scale VR I have ever seen! I am looking forward to future updates! Is there any way to support development? (Patreon or some such thing?)

Thanks :) Not yet. Early Access should happen within months. There will be still free playable demos that will be just short pieces of a game.

Hey there, I've been following the development of your game for some time now and would like to get in contact. I own a company that does music and sound for film, series & games. I feel we could dramatically up the production value of your already incredible work, and would love to have a chat, put a demo together for you.  We absolutely love this game.

Hi :) It's the best to send me an e-mail at contact@voidroom.com.

Will do, thanks!

This is so awesome. I tried the Quest version and was immediately hooked. So well executed. Really looking forward to the next updates! I took the liberty to add it to my overview page of existing "portal" technology pages as I am working on something as well but in a super early state, much more amazed by this one here right now :-)


Hey, thanks :)

The next build should happen soonish. I want to add a bit more stuff to have a glimpse of variety of a gameplay feature I am working on.

With school starting I haven't been able to use my Index for a while but I finally got around trying the #198pre build you linked to a while back. You'll be happy to know that the Index controllers seem to work perfect now! I've been able to navigate the menus and pick up items without problems. I haven't been able to play a lot yet but it definitely already works a lot better then before! If I find any more problems I'll make sure to let you know ;)

Thank you! :) If you find anything not working as expected or you have an idea how to improve controls for Index, let me know.

Great game! Is there a way to rotate the room? In the play area options, I don't see how to change the room size or rotation .... I can only adjust the "buffer" area. 

The problem I'm having is the play space is rotated 90 degrees, so it's detected my play area, but it's rotated wrong. 

I do have ADV Settings installed. I've probably rotated my play space manually in ADV settings, but I had to do that because the regular SteamVR room setup never put it in the direction I needed it facing for my room and the camera setup I have for LIV support. 

So I guess my question is, can I rotate your play space area in the game settings, or is it just pulling it from my SteamVR settings?

Thanks! Again, great game!

The code and settings are kind of there. "Kind of" as there is no explicit setting to rotate the playarea. You can still tinker with the margin setting to get the size right. Check "userConfig.xml", section <vrMap> and in it there is margin. Positive value makes play area smaller. How to pretend to rotate it:

Size of your area is "width" and "depth" (these are in meters). In the game they are other way around. To make them right you have to set margin:
x = depth - width
y = width - depth
If your actual playarea is 3x2m, the line should be:
<margin x="-1" y="1"/>
If that doesn't work, switch values.

I am going to add a proper user interface and also to allow to rotate the playarea by any angle (the support for it is there, there is just no explicit setting available to set).

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, just a simple “rotate” in the UI would work. I used ADV Setting to rotate my space 90 degree and it worked. 

But as I said, I need it rotated the other way for ALL my other games, so I’ll play in the XML file to see if I can force it. 

Thanks for the help and great game. I’ve got an 8x12’ padded green screen room I’ve built at my arcade with Vive Pro wireless and this is a PERFECT experience for this room. If you added LIV support that would make it even better. 

I might add that setup within game when I will be adding scaling - to make smaller spaces appear as larger).


I love this game, can play it for hours and not get bored. 

Only thing that I would add is having an option in settings for tethered users, which will make levels generate that the cable doesn't get tangled. For example when I played yesterday I was going right for about 3 quarters of the level and at the end my cable was so tangled up I thought it will break, so try making a script that will balance how long you travel left and right. 



I just noticed that there is a spins counter on your left arm, but the solution I suggested would be appreciated :)

The default difficulty/gameplay setting will be open levels that combine into a sort of an open world (there will be checkpoints between the levels/sections). And for these it would be extremely difficult (if possible at all) to plan the level this way.

For linear levels it is doable, it's just not top priority :) But yeah, I have it on my "todo" list.

Having an issue on the Quest where every time I try to run it a window pops app as updating and to leave it connected to wifi. Nothing happens and it never starts up. Trying to figure out how to sideload an older version to see if that works.

Try version 0.3.12 or earlier. You first need to uninstall the game with adb and then install 0.3.12 apk. I will be in an hour or so at the computer and I will provide you with a more detailed instruction.

Are you connected to wifi when you start the game?

Yes, connected to wifi. Older APK installation works. Drag and drop on sidequest thx for the response

Thanks for the info. I will try to repro it to get a workaround.

Hi I think it might just be me but the normal motion controlers for the HTC Vive aren't working

Hi, what version do you have (build number)?

I am back to the development, although I still can't get to my Vive :( I will try to dig it up from a box pile I currently have in my room.

ok i fixed the problem you have to manuel select the nvidea card when starting up.

But now i have problem with the binding of the controllers.

Have someone have a clue?


There is now a mess with what I do with steam vr input :( Sorry about that.

If you could check http://voidroom.com/download/tea_v_0_3_13_198pre.zip it solves a few issues and if it works, I make a proper build and put it here.


This build still does not work with Index Controllers.

It doesn't :( when I'll get home I will be fixing it. It doesn't make much sense to do it without any headset.

Try http://voidroom.com/download/tea_v_0_3_13_198pre.zip . I changed controller type for Index controller and it should be bound now properly.

nope it doesn't work either.

Please hold on till Monday.

Check #198 here, on itch.io. I tested it with my WMR headset. It works now.

Hello, I'm enjoying your game a lot but I'm experiancing some issues with the Index controllers.

In v.0.3.12 some features aren't working such as being able to pick up different items and using levers but I don't mind it that much because the core functions of using the menus and shooting, work fine.

But in v.0.3.13 the controlls are completely broken. On startup, Steam gives a message that "the controller bindings for the Index controllers are not set" and I am unable to even get past the start screen. I tried to make custom controller bindings in Steam but the neccesary inputs don't appear to be there.

In v.0.3.12 there are inputs listed such as "Left Trigger Touch", "Left Trigger Press" and "Right A Press" In v.0.3.13 these are missing and replaced with "buttona", "buttonb", "buttontrigger" and "buttongrip". Even when I tried to use this custom binding it didn't seem to work.

I've sent my log file to your contact email.

Hi, thanks for detailed info (I love it when people write about problems with the game with so many details, as it really helps me to fix stuff).

As I don't have Index, I was implementing it in the same way I've done Knuckles prototypes. It didn't work. That was up to 0.3.12. With 0.3.13 there was a new way introduced but there was a small bug that was fixed with build #197. Try the newest one (#197, just uploaded it).

I just tested build 197 but the same issue persists.

Should I send another log to your mail or would you prefer to have it on something like pastebin?

With pastebin we can continue it in this thread.

I was testing binding with oculus touch and it worked, so the part of handling input voa stramvr bindings is ok. The binding itself should be ok too (with #197 do you see buttona etc bound to index contoller's buttons/axes?). Then there must be a problem with my game choosing/setting up the right binding.

Log for #197 https://pastebin.com/t5ztYfA3

There are no buttons bound by default. It does specify that "buttona" is required to be bound to create a custom controller mapping.

Thank you. I created a new build (not on itch.io, check http://voidroom.com/download/tea_v_0_3_13_198pre.zip ). There could be a few reasons that resulted in that problem and in this build they should be addressed properly. (manifest version, optional/mandatory setup, added a few more log statements to check if everything works fine). If you could grab it and let me know if it helps.

This game d'ont work on wmr.

can you fix this?

Interesting. I was just playing the old 0.3.7 build on WMR and came to look if there was an update.

When I get home, on Sunday :( I don't have my WMR with me (I will have to go through a pile of boxes to get to it, same goes now for Vive). Haven't changed anything related to WMR, so it should be working fine.

Although, if it was crashing, try build #197 and let me know if it helped, please.

Not sure if I'm just stupid but the basic vive motion controllers aren't working./ Is there any way to fix that?

It might be related to changes I did for Index controller. I don't have access to Index controller and right now even to Vive (it is burried behind a huge pile of boxes). Therefore, it's highly likely it is a bug.

Could you send me a log file (from _logs subfolder, a file named output<date-time>.log), please?  There should be an info that may help fixing this bug.

umm... how exactly do you send files?

oh, I forgot. To contact@voidroom.com. Probably I'll add "send log" from the menu.

Hi.. for some reason, the Quest 0.3.13 download at

http://voidroom.com/download/tea.apk  (which is the one linked to on Sidequest)

is corrupted and refuses to install. Downloading from this page works fine.

Thanks for the info. I will reupload it.

hello, I would love to play with your game, but I have a problem that my pc does not recognize the quest with the cable, I have hopes to see it on oculus store to play with it? I would be so curious to try it

There are a few things you first need to do to be able to install apk files on your Quest. I highly recommend installing SideQuest which makes it much easier to install apks. Check https://sidequestvr.com/#/setup-howto

(2 edits)

Been playing the game for a while and I find it really, really good, totally in my top three games for Quest. Love the atmosphere and the locomotion of course. I have some gripes with it though (Quest version)!

Performance is kinda bad compared to other games. To play decently smooth I have to play with 0.8x resolution, direct-to-vr on, no AA or Bloom... It's quite dull and pixelated. But I recognize it's a custom engine and the non-euclidean space makes things a bit heavy (multiple cameras everywhere). I hope there's room for improvement, the Quest version could really stand out with just a bit more detail.

In my experience using Unity, shadows and shaders are what kill Quest performance. Reducing polycount helps mostly with memory, but probably there's something in the shaders that is slowing down things? The game looks already very lowpoly, I believe there's something else going on.

The elevator section with the cannons is pretty harsh. Lots of crouching to avoid death (even with crouching disallowed in the options), hard to see where the elevators will go when having multiple branches... The shield droid can only help some. After a couple runs it feels annoying rather than scary/anxious.

That's all, I believe. Keep on with the amazing work!


Thanks :)

There is a lot place to improve. I am now moving bits from fragment shader to vertex shader which should help. It should use direct to vr with max foveated rendering (I plan to change it to auto). Some of the options will be unavailable for Quest.

Number of polygons is now an issue. I already changed hands and arms from 30K to 10K but there is still a place to improve (number of draw calls for FADs and for EXMs pretty soon). Some objects in game have way too much triangles. There is no LOD system, so some objects that are small on screen take a lot of GPU.

Impossible spaces require some objects to be rendered a few times and clipped on each side of a portal.

Turret bridge will be marked as "requires crouching". Right now each type of zone has the same probabilty of appearing but that will change. I don't want to get rid of the turret bridge as when happening sometimes it just works.

Remember that there are more things coming (recently I add some new stuff and optimize a bit Quest version although I plan to focus more on new stuff). Another World style shields, deflectors, decoys, new kinds of weapons. And of course new enemies and places.


Thanks for replying and for the insight! I realize it's quite expensive to render for a low-power hardware like Quest.

Will be on the lookout for next updates! Wish you all the best. :)

I have been playing this game for several weeks, it is such a great concept and works amazingly with the Oculus Quest.  I have never felt such immersion in a game, fantastic. 

If you are looking for ideas for a future game.   I would love to see this type of concept with a spaceship alien hunt and flee scenario.  With tight corridors and unexpected jump scares I could imagine an exciting and thrilling experience.  With limited ammo, there will be times you can fight but others when you have to flee, hide and look for ammo.     

Thanks :) There are so many things that can be put even into this game. I actually plan to have some tougher enemies that would be much more aggressive and it would be better to hide from them.

For some reason, 0.3.12 is extremely slow with bad framerate and lots of jittering of the view on the Quest. Returning to 0.3.11 fixes that immediately.. any chance you could have a look into that? Thank you for your awesome work.


Thank you for the info. Could you check it again, please? Because I did that a few times and it might be something else :( There is something going really bad. I tried similar setup (experience/tourist + smaller) on two versions. I did uninstall (through adb) and install both versions and it works similar. A drop here and there (menu is unplayable). It is still far from good (many times GPU is at 4 and utilisation >90). But a day or two ago I was testing newer version (0.3.13) and a few playthroughs were unplayable, it was so bad. I am now investigating, what's going on. Haven't changed anything related to rendering (even the basic meshes) since first 0.3.11 (#190).

I will need to provide an option to reply same seed, so it is easier to test the actual performance.

It's extremely noticable right at the beginning, but also in any outside areas. It was perfectly fine in 0.3.11, but just looking at the moving people (?) at the start and turning the head left and right causes massive, nauseating jitter.


There's a huge blending mesh, I'll drop that and reduce number of "people".

I disabled anti-banding (it is noticable in some open spaces) and increased foveated rendering from 3 to 4. I also changed how light is calculated which increased things a bit even more.

But I will definitely have to investigate some meshes and fix them for Quest.

(3 edits)

Are these fixes into #195? Because yesterday I played #192 and had the same problems as Arakorn, but only during one of the two playthroughs I did, both on Tourist.

The first one went totally smooth (render scale 0.7x, AA 2x). The second instead, hours later, was all jittery no matter the graphics setup, even after starting a new level many times. Menu was always fine though! Pretty weird.

I'll update to #195 asap to check it out. By the way, have you considered a Discord server for the game?


Yesterday I've found a quite serious issue that was messing up vr composer (all frames were considered stale because of that). I also changed shaders a bit and they should be easier on GPU. Still LODs have to be added and meshes changed. But I've also found out that there is something really wrong with CPU right now - I am setting up more specific profiling tools to check what's exactly going on there.

There wasn't much going on recently when it comes to performance/gameplay code and I can't still find why 0.3.11 works better. Actually when I investigate it, it works as bad as 0.3.12 :/

There is a discord server (right now I am on my phone, but if you download pc build, ghere is a readme file with a link).


A quick update. Some of the sections are mad. Some elevators alone have 5K triangles. I have to simplify that for Quest.

What do you think about the game: "Tracey Laser" announced at gamescom? It looks like a bland copy of your game to be honest. :(

I am happy that more studios are using impossible spaces with lifts/elevators. And it's not a copy, hey :)

First public vidoes of Tea For God were available by the end of 2018 (although you could play it at PGA as early as 2017). Tracey Laser's videos are from earlier. And what's important. There was Unseen Diplomacy, Eye of the Temple (check it out, it was the first game (well, the game jam concept it is based on came first) that was using moving platforms).

The more games that use this technology, the better I say.

Before Tea For God, I wanted to use this technology for Subspace Scavengers. And I still might doing so. In that game you have a sub space ship in which you travel between different places. Would that be copying Tracey Laser? :)

Tracey Laser also looks better but that comes at a price of fixed play area. I couldn't find any info if it is procedurally generated or not. I guess it's not. 

I wouldn't be surprised if more games that use impossible spaces would appear. And they don't have to be copies. Many people may come with a very similar idea independently.

Alright cool that you're cool with it. Non-euclidean spaces is a true inovative game design for VR that can change the future imo.


Last apk 0.3.12 for Oculus is smaller than 0.3.11...32mb vs 56mb...what did you eliminate?

I run into a few unused ambient sounds that should not be the part of the build. It now will happen automatically, so it should never contain things that are not used.


Ok, great! I love this game!

Thanks! 👍

This game is amazing, and I hope other games will be adopting this form of locomotion :).

However, I frequently find myself stuck in levels that terminate in a small room with a glowing blue floor. I can't seem to find any way to make progress.

Am I missing something?

Thanks :)

That's the start. When you go inside that metal box, the doors behing you shut. You should actually look for a room with red glowing floor. To help with navigation, use arrows on displays that are attached to your hands.

I've been playing and enjoying this game for months now. I really love what you're doing. Do you have any way for a person like me to send support?

You mean, feedback? You can write here or by email (contact@voidroom.com). Twitter and discord are fine too, although sometimes I forget to check them for a few days :(


Hi, I watched some youtube vids on this game, and it looks great. But every time I try to start it on my Oculus Rift S, It crashes and my headset turns off. Any fix?

Do you have a CPU with 6 cores (12 logical cores)? There is something weird going on in my game on such CPUs. If you could also send me a log file (from _logs, a file called output<date-time>.log) to contact@voidroom.com, it could help.


I absolutely LOVE your game.  But, like Jervi71 below, I also crash and return to home screen with no message.  I will help you debug if needed.  Contact me if you need.


P.S. I read that you developed this in 1 month.  You are my programming hero.

Trying to repro it right now. It should be fairly simple to repro it as a there were a few people who reported the crash.

To make it clear, I worked for one month on Quest port. The game itself is in development for much longer time (if you assume 40h a week it is around 1,3 years).

It's fixed now (#189) :)

Awesome! Thanks. 

Keep up the great work! Are you planning on putting this on the the Oculus store? You would make a killing IMHO. 

I'd love to but first it has to be a fun game that works properly on Quest. And that's still a long way to go but step by step I am planning to get there.

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this is a great game. An excellent idea.

I have the Quest updated with last firmware and I have downloaded last version (0.3.10#188) but after few minute the game crashes and return to the Quest home with no message.

Thanks :)

About the crash. I am now trying to repro it. If I get repro, I'll fix it and upload a build.

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Thanks to you!

Have you already fixed it in build #189?

I try it for few minutes but seems ok!

Thanks! 👍

Yup, #189 is the one with the fix.

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hello may I ask if there is some kind of minimum or recommended system requirment ? running i5 2500k and old gtx660, planning to buy an rtx and have move the pc in anoterh room.

could I play the game well with this old card ?

Also is it compatible with 120 frames /sec ?

review seems grate , cant wait to try

The recommended is nVidia 970 or equivalent. There are options that can make it run smoother on slower graphic cards or at a higher rate.

How can you change the refresh rate to 120 frames/sec? The game reads the current settings from the vr system (steamvr or oculusvr) and if 120 is provided by them it maaaay work. "May" because the CPU could be a bottleneck. Most of the time a frame (we talk about a bigger level) takes less than 5ms which is below 120Hz (8,3ms) but that's on a CPU with 8 logical cores.

I keep getting an error message saying something about "could not get boundry limit". I have a Rift, and it works for other VR games i have tried. 

Do you have roomscale defined or is it in sitting/standing mode?

I think I have it as roomscale even though my room is a long rectangle. Do I need to use sitting/standing mode?

It should be room-scale. Such message appears when it can't read info about play area. With SteamVR it happens when the headset was not detected in the area. For Oculus it should be only when in standing/sitting mode.

Could you send me a log file (from _logs subfolder a file named output<date-time>log)?

The new Quest firmware update breaks hand tracking for some unofficial apps and Tea for God is among those affected. Here is the fix: https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/chjpu5/fix_for_sideloadedhomebrew_apps_and_games_with/

Thank you for the link. I was away from the computer today. A new build is now available with fix for the issue and performance improvements.

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I'm using Index controllers, and for some reason, grabbing doesn't want to work for me. I'm making a fist over highlighted objects, and it isn't quite working. I've tried rebinding controls to no avail... If anyone here has had the same problem, and fixed it, it would be awesome if you would share the fix with me.

Haven't tried that with Index :( Could you please send me a log (any of output<date-time>.log from _logs subfolder). I will check how Index controllers register, because from the information you provided, it seems that the game assumes they are normal Vive hands.

I don't know where the _logs folder is/I don't have one

In the folder, you unpacked the game there should be folders: library, settings, system. These contain game data. There should be also a bunch of folders starting with an underscore character. These are created by the game. If there are none, it might be the operating system or antivirus that makes the game run in a virtual folder. Check if there are any other folders, if not let me know. Try to search for "_logs" with a system disk search. I will also try to get in contact with someone who has a quest to get a log file.


I just discovered your game, and I love it. This is perfect to use a not so big play space at full potential.

But I can't go too far as I have the same issue. I use the brand new Valve Index controllers, and grabbing does not work. I tried many configurations without success.

I can see a lot of VR : MISSING HAND POSE 0 and VR : MISSING HAND POSE 1 in the log file.

Let me know if you need more.

Keep good work !

I don't have Valve Index, yet. I have five vr headsets (including DK1 which I think stopped working) and I was really tempted to buy Valve Index. Well I still am ;)

If you could run the game with option --drawVRControls (check run_steamVR.bat, copy it, change option to --drawVRControls). When you start the game, you will see a debug display for controls. There should be a few bars on top (for fingers), square zone for joystick and a lot of numbered buttons below. Try pressing conrols for grab, check what has changed and let me know.

Also, if you could send me a log file to contact@voidroom.com . I want to make sure the name that Index controllers use to identify is recognisable by the game.

VR : MISSING HAND POSE appears when pose is not provided by vr system. It might be because hands are out of cameras' sight. In such situation it is assumed that the hand pose is the same, relatively to the head.

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This is an amazing concept, and it's already a fun/immersive VR game! :D I love the use of portals/non-euclidean geometry! Please keep developing this! (Especially for Quest!) I've been checking for updates way too often.. heh

Totally going to try the Quest version in my garage later once I get it cleaned out a bit! ;D Tho I am very impressed how well it works in my small room-scale space. It's nice that it can manage that, tho it does rare show some flaws in that scale.

If there's one simple feature I'd wanna see ASAP, it'd be an Option for Mazes in the Experience mode. So I'm glad to hear you're working on more options!

I'm very tempted to take a wack at making something similar to this in UE4, tho doing the portal effect in VR properly is a fun challenge. heh This movement system would be such a great way to explore a Silent Hill style horror environment. ;)

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to purchase this on the Quest store someday! (or where ever lol)

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If you have a PC VR you can try Shattered Lights (free on Steam), it features the same "walk in roomscale" with a horror atmosphere and is a great VR experience (but it is not randomly generated - so after one short play-through you are done).

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