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Tea For God is a VR adventure that uses impossible spaces with procedural generation to allow players infinite movement within their own place. Customizable gameplay can be anything between a relaxing long walk, an intense arcade shooter (checkpoint based) and a roguelite shooter-explorer.

In the distant future, humankind has been united, ruled by God Emperor. Endowed with advanced technology we reached stars, colonised new worlds, went onto endless crusades against myriads of civilisations.

Personal tragedies tend to be meaningless against the time. But once in a while, one person may start a fire that can change the fate of the whole universe. A man who lost his family, who holds God Emperor accountable for their death, seeking answers and vengeance, embarks onto his last journey to the place no human has ever left alive, where God Emperor is believed to reside.


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v 0.8.0 (#288) - latest build 102 MB
v 0.8.0 (#288) - Oculus Quest APK - latest build 103 MB
v 0.7.0 (#275) 104 MB
v 0.7.0 (#275) - Oculus Quest APK 102 MB
v 0.6.3 (#255) 100 MB
v 0.6.3 (#255) - Oculus Quest APK 101 MB
v 0.6.2 (#242) 81 MB
v 0.6.2 (#242) - Oculus Quest APK 82 MB
v 0.6.1 (#240) 83 MB
v 0.6.1 (#240) - Oculus Quest APK 82 MB
v 0.5.5 (#226) 44 MB
v 0.5.5 (#226) - Oculus Quest APK - latest build 42 MB
v 0.4.13 (#217) 38 MB
v 0.4.13 (#217) - Oculus Quest APK 36 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) 33 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) - Oculus Quest APK 31 MB
v 0.3.0 - first public prototype 51 MB

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almost beat it this time too bad i'm turret blind honestly don't know how i  ran past and didn't see nor hear the 3 i went past

sorry if the double post bugs ya i just wanted to try to beat it since i now understand the mechanics of the game


Feel free to post :) While watching I was taking notes - some of the bugs and issues might be already solved in the either preview build or unpublished yet preview build.

This was really fun can't wait to see what else you add 

do be careful not to overwork yourself and get burnout i've been through that and man it's not fun

This game looks fun, do you see yourself adding a PC point at any point? I would really like to play this.

Do you mean a PC version? Because there already is, in the download section. The demo is also on Steam. If you mean something else, let me know and I will see how/when it could be done.

I meant playable on mouse and keyboard.

Oh, that's more complicated. I have a development version of the game that is playable with keyboard+mouse but it mimics some VR behaviour with a quite convoluted controlling scheme (to extend arms, etc) + there's no controls for some of the things you may do.

To make a keyboard+mouse (or just non-VR version in general) it would require a bit more work. The most important things:

1. Weapon management. Instead of the current "main weapon on forearm" I imagine it would require slot approach to switch between 4 weapons/items?

2. Simple/short version: Add "use" button. Long version: redesign how interaction with various devices looks like - instead of pulling levers/pressing buttons, some would just require pressing button to use, while others would require telling exactly what you want to do. I imagine that entering various utility rooms would just switch to a different control scheme - instead of walking in the room you would be selecting which device to use and how.

3. Redesign some parts of the game. Some of the sequences are quite hard to play on keyboard+mouse while they're much simpler in VR. Centipede fight is among them. Without impossible spaces, it would be possible to completely change how specific sections play. Instead of being limited to a small part of the world, ie. platform, you could walk freely.

In general, it is doable and it might be a good idea to do this. It needs to wait a bit though. Till the game is released as a VR title.


Ok, I really look forward to being able to play this in any form :) 

This looks interesting, and I'm going to try it out soon. I almost missed it though, and only found it because it was linked to from The Impossible Crypt (prototype). Maybe add Oculus Quest to the tags?

Added oculus-quest tag, thank you!

I was not aware of The Impossible Crypt. It looks promising but there's no update on it since 2019...

I just downloaded Tea on Sidequest - appreciative of the stationary gameplay mode, since my lounge it too small to use the walkaround version. As an aside, is it possible to move an upgrade from one hand to the other? I accidentally installed the shield on my right hand, but being right-handed, that feels unintuitive for me and I can't for the life of me work out how to put on a different hand after claiming it.

In Arcade mode it is not possible. In Roguelite mode when you find an orange room, there is a device on the left side that allows installing all already unlocked upgrades. If you choose shield and install it on your right hand, it will automatically be removed from your left hand and placed on your right hand.

Ahh, thanks. At least it's a mistake I'll only make once!
Loving the tension and feel of the game. I've jumped out of my skin several times when encountering a robot I didn't expect. Brief forays outdoors really add to the atmostphere, with the droning of the large transporters flying overhead - and launching robots at you while you're on a tower, too!

I plan to add a simpler gameplay mode. The whole plan is to separate checkpoint/run based gameplay setting from gameplay complexity making it possible to play simpler gameplay run-based (permadeath).

Another thing that is going to happen is extended play/endless mode. This will enforce current roguelite mode rules, though. With map, additional devices and permadeath.

I had a really fun time playing this, because it really immerses you in world through actual locomotion. Every other VR game nauseates me through its smooth-step teleportation or joystick movement. My legs would usually get cramped and hurt a lot from the built up stress of standing.

There should be more games like this! I look forward to this game's continued development.

I see that there is an update for this - v0.7.0 (#275) with OpenXR and would love to try it on steam. Unfortunately the Itch.IO app doesn't recognize it and is instead pushing to v0.6.3 (#255). Is it because there is no Windows icon on that latest version? I did a download of the zip so I will just try and use that for now.

Sorry about that. I did not marked the file as "windows executable". It should work now :)

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Does it end at the turret thing, or is there more? I am playing on quest bur I have a PC that can play it, does it offer a different play session?

Is there I full came I am Able to get? I loved it and it was amazing!

I also never experienced the tinker aspect either, where can it be found

Yes, the demo ends after the turret section (the result doesn't matter). There are preview builds that will have more content and they are available through discord server -> https://discord.gg/FFwyf4n

There is no full game yet.

The tinker aspect is available in roguelite mode. Note, it is more difficult mode in many aspects. Less energy dispensers, more complex navigation, if you die, you have to restart - from outer rim, you don't have to go through the intro.

Will this support the Index?

Headset? Yes. Via SteamVR ATM. I implemented OpenXR support which is available in the preview builds.

Controllers? They used to work. But recently I got one person who had some issues with sliding locomotion (which is a feature coming soon to public builds). 

Before I make it a public build, I am going to dig up my HTV Vive + prototype Index controllers to check if everything works.


I was wondering what the game looks like if we have a really a lot of space and that's interesting when I saw that on YT. That game have big potential


My plan is to arrange a large room and record some gameplay there. Also with an external camera.


yeah i have played in room 5 by 5 m , and it's a lot better than 2 by 2. I'm also curious (not tested yet) how the game will behave with Oculus Quest Guardian turned off in Developer settings. Because im using it when im at home to use gogles at all rooms in my house without getting disconnected. It also working when i'm using Steam VR Games

Hmmm, więc jednak nie porzuciłeś tej gry. Kiedyś rozmawiałem z tobą na SideQuest i mówiłeś że gra nie za bardzo wyszła tak jak chciałeś. I od tamtego momentu myślałem że porzuciłeś projekt.


Tak, wychodziła inaczej niż chciałem, ale to też nie był powód, aby ją zupełnie porzucić, ale aby spróbować innej drogi. Tak naprawdę to gra zmieniała się w bardzo dużym stopniu kilkukrotnie. W tej chwili jestem zadowolony z tego, w którą stronę idzie i pozostaje do końca ją robić (czyt. dalsze levele, przeciwników, bronie itd).

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Obejrzałem sobie twój ostatni filmik z rozgrywki z wersji #245 i jestem pozytywnie zaskoczony w jaki sposób gra się zmieniła, podoba mi się ten monolog bohatera którym gramy, no i jednak to że gra ma już konkretny cel podróży aby pokonać tytułowego Boga.


A to nie wszystko, bo planuję też dodać sceny, które będą się działy trochę w tle, a trochę dookoła bohatera, które mają trochę rozbudować fabułę, a trochę nadać jej inne znaczenie.

Przede wszystkim jednak jestem zadowolony, że obecny gameplay jest bardziej zwarty niż to sprzed 2-3 lat. A i tak zamierzam dodać jeszcze prostszy tryb, który ma zadziałać jako swoisty haczyk. Krótki, treściwy, ale jednocześnie możliwie najbardziej wyzbyty fabuły. Coś, co się zagra i mam nadzieję, że pomyśli "o, to było całkiem spoko, chcę więcej" i wtedy wjeżdża faktyczna gra z fabułą.


I've played many vr games yet none like this. I am aware about the concept of using your play space to move but not in a a way that is the games core mechanic. I have never gotten dizzy in a vr game before, despite boneworks being one of the first games I played. I love this game and  I hope it gets worked on and can eventual make it to big game publishers to add heaps more content and be added to steam to increase its audience and reach.


Thank you :) Working right now on more content (that utilises larger areas). And with the next week, I plan to focus on a Steam demo, also with joystick movement as it is quite often requested and might help with the reach.

This game is definitely one of the most immersive VR games I've ever played. Unfortunately, the game crashed right when things were starting to get exciting. Not sure if there's supposed to be more than just walking through the same few areas over and over, cause I've only tried starting it with the default setting

Sorry about that. There's a crash and/or freeze happening for certain sizes of play areas for particular random seeds. I recently added a code to monitor such cases and fixed this bug yesterday. I still have two crashes to fix and when they're fixed, I will be creating and uploading a new build.

Is this game still under development? I haven't heard anything about it for a good while


It is under development.

I was adding new content and soon I am getting back to it. Right now I am focusing on solving some outstanding performance issues.

There are preview builds available at the discord server.


I haven't even been playing it for all that long - but it's safe to say this is my all-time favourite vr game! I am so thankful I stumbled across this absolute masterpiece! The immersion you get from actually walking everywhere is amazing. Nothing beats the feeling of turning around a corner to be surprised by an enemy and being able to physically turn around and run back to safety

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Awesome game. Most immersive VR experience I've ever had. Can there be an option to fall to your death if you step over a steep ledge? And for the more shallow indoor drops, maybe a ladder you have to climb back up if you fall. Would add a nice sense of danger when near edges


Thanks :) Falling is in plans, although that will be available on an option (most likely on by default + off via info screen while loading).

At the moment I do not plan to have climbing :(

Climbing could only work in very specific places. Adding climbing would make it possible to go into shallow drops but only if you would have a big enough playarea. For most of the people, the drops would be gone as if you could fall there, you would have to be able to move freely there - requiring playarea big enough to contain the whole place.

I might still add climbing but it would be in a very specific place/section rather than a part of the gameplay loop.


with the newest update, is it strictly story mode now, i used to be able to jump into any random map i wanted with all sorts of settings, now there all gone, what happened??? (btw oculus quest 2 user)

They're not gone. They are still there. Depending on how old version we're talking:

1. If you mean one random level after another. This is not available right now. I do consider adding a mode that is just going forward through random mazes but for time being, there's just one main mode.

2. If you mean the open-world section, as it was, it is still there. The game will be a mix of linear levels and open-world levels. If you'd prefer to jump straight to that mode, choose custom, then arcade or roguelite and while you do it, hold grip buttons on both controllers. Then if you press "go" you will have access to the level of your choice.

The plan is to have a story mode and then add other modes.

Deleted 1 year ago
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Cant believe you delete this option, i loved to play every time a diferent gameplay... cant believe..

Whats the last version without story mode?

0.4.13. Story/map mode was introduced with 0.5.0.

Hi it seems, at least for me, boundary detection is not working for the Reverb G2 headset.
I have a WMR boundary setup, but when I load into Tea For God it shows me as having only a tiny square of space (I'm guessing the smallest default space).

Just a follow-up, I got it to work by forcing SteamVR to take me through room setup, using OVR Advanced Settings, as described here: https://www.reddit.com/r/HPReverb/comments/kvd3m9/comment/gixybqw/?utm_source=sh...

With the SteamVR boundary setup, everything worked great on the G2.

Of course most users will not know to do that. I saw below you mentioned you're looking to support OpenXR, I imagine that will solve the issue for the average G2 user! :)

Thank you :) Yes, indeed I will be implementing OpenXR support (+ most likely, sliding locomotion). The demo will be extended to what currently is available and I'd like to have it available via Steam.

Sounds good!

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Game seems to hang indefinitely after the initial moon cutscene. Playing v0.6.2 on Index. Let me know if any additional info would be useful!

Um, sorry about that :( Can you send me a log file (in _logs subfolder there should be output.log). Just zip it and send to contact@voidroom.com, please. I'll check what's going on and fix it.

I've just run into this too - I'll email you this log.

I've been watching this game for quite some time now and it's easily one of the most innovative projects I've seen so far in VR app development. How can we help fund your efforts? Do you have a Patreon, or someplace we can make a donation?

Thank you :) It is only possible to donate via itch.io at the moment. I don't plan to have a Patreon.

did you remove the enemies who throw glass I haven't been able to find them anywhere

Yes :( I am still not sure whether to have them or not. Without a proper explanation, they seem to be a bit out of place. 

The whole outer ridge was meant to have lots of damaged/defunct utility droids, waiters, laundromats, vacuuming robots and so on. Instead of meeting fighting robots, you were first meant to meet such droids - the forward guard. The story: when robots go damaged, were no longer useful in the world outside, some of them were sent back to the cubes for recycling. And as some of them could still walk and communicate with the complex, they could serve the guardian role. That's why the robot had glitched speech and was throwing glasses and bottles at you.

Hm. A scene with the droids forced onto a ship towards the cube could work quite well. I will add it to todo list and if that works, I read them.

Can you estimate around when the full game will be released and if it will be taken out of app lab and go to the official store. Or are you keeping it a secret for now which is totally fine if you are


I plan to finish development October next year. As for AppLab/official store, when I will have any information that I will be able to share, I will do so :)


ok thanks!!!

I used to play this game a lot when it was older, now I can barely get past the intro because of the space requirements.

The minimal space required has not increased, actually you should be able to play in even smaller space.

What actually happens when you try to play the game?

The intro cutscene requires walking across a train and then backwards into a transport pod. Ignoring the uncomfortably cramped spaces, the walk to the transport pod put me outside of my playspace, despite having enough to do it.

Could you tell me on which platform did it happen and under which version?

Note that when playing PCVR version through Airlink, you have to calibrate the play area manually from within the game. For a brief period of time, there was also a bug that under rare and certain situations was offsetting the play area. It has been fixed.


Hey! I saw that you were releasing this on Steam and I decided to make some custom capsule art for it! https://www.steamgriddb.com/game/5297151


Thank you :)

Always seem to end up coming back to this just as you release an update, Thrilled to see the new one!

This is easily the best. game. on. VR. The feel of the world and exploration and just... everything about it hooks me. Some odd combination compelling gameplay and the aesthetic feel of sci-fi artists like Barlowe 

I might as well ask, would you care if I were to try my hand at streaming this via twitch or whatever? I keep meaning to do more VR streaming and this would be the thing I'd want to play

I haven't seen anything by Barlowe. Some amazing works. One of my inspirations are works of Zdzisław Beksiński.

As for streaming, go ahead :) And it reminds me, that I should add "tea for god" as a game on twitch.

Will this work on a Valve Index?


Yes. It was tested on Valve Index with Knuckles.

Tea For God should work on anything that SteamVR supports.

WMR support would be cool if possible as im currently using my HP Reverb G2

Right now it should work via SteamVR, but I will be implementing OpenXR to give more native support for each headset.

What happens if you try to run it?

Amazing game! I am constantly impressed by the room scale technology that you use to create procedurally generated environments that I can actually fully walk around without worrying about hitting a wall or anything!

The demo is immersive and fun, I recently figured out that you can interact with enemies by punching them, pulling levers or pressing buttons on their robot bodies which was so cool! and definitely is worth expanding on. 

One thing id like to give some feedback on is the map system, I found it quite confusing trying to navigate myself through the on screen map, I didn't know which way led me in what direction as it lacks a player direction indicator.

Thanks :)

It's actually quite hard to show the player's direction in an impossible spaces environment. There are door directions above each door, they point in four cardinal directions. If you want to go "up" on the map, choose "up" arrow above the door. If "right", choose "right".

There's one more thing, I will be uploading a new build soon which introduces arcade mode. In this mode, you don't have to use a map as the direction towards the objective is indicated with a white dot. Arcade mode also simplifies a few other things (simpler energy management + more energy distributors, no workshop room) plus is a bit shorter (it is both shorter when it comes to size and due to more straight path towards the objective).


Been following this amazing project for a couple of years now and played the latest Applab version last night. Pure genius and thank you for your dedication and execution! its come such a long way. When  I recently saw the negative reaction to space pirate's attempt at room scale, I immediately thought of this game and how it solves all of those issues, right out of the box, for those of us that have differing size plays paces. Ive experimented with  Tea For God in all manner of size guardians and the game is always playable, fun and mind blowing. You will take the Oculus store by storm once word of TFG goes mainstream and out of applab. Wishing you the maximum success! Day one purchase for me. If I had one suggestion, it would be to add some various sound effects to the destruction of the robots. Right now its more of a puff of steam sound, but I would love to hear the metal parts clanking and crashing to the floor in many pieces upon their demise. Cheers!

(1 edit)

Thank you :)

I still don't know what to do with the destruction. The current one is just a placeholder that is there for a few years now ;)

I like the idea of the parts falling out. Also the different effects alone, as you suggested, could help a bit.

This is one of the best VR titles I've ever played. I see the world you've created in my dreams at night and with every update the game becomes more defined and realized.   .... also the new intro musical piece perfectly sets the mood for an oddly ethereal journey. 

Thank you :) I am still fixing things but I soon will be adding more content. I can't wait to see how people will feel.

Hi, got a problem with the app downloaded from App Lab on my Q2. After starting the app it shuts down again directly. The only way to get the app running is to install it from Sidequest without doing the available update after it. As soon as I do the update the app crashes again.
Is that a known problem ?

The fix is on the way.

While you wait, you may want to try this:

Install version from AppLab, open folder on your Quest /Android/data/com.voidroom.TeaForGod/files/_auto and remove shaderProgramCache file there.

Great to know the fix is also coming soon. Everybody here loves your game. It´s one of the best titles for the Quest.. Thank you very much ! 

Thank you :) Without you, the players, the game would be just a dead code. But because of you, it's much more.

Congrats on getting to App Lab. Such a great game and concept. Keep it up.

Hello, I was just wondering if you have any idea when you want to release the next update. This game really is something special and I can't wait for it to come out. Of course if you don't want to share anything that is perfectly fine, it is your game and creative process. I hope you haven't gotten any angry messages from impatient people. If you have just remember this is your game, you should be the one to make the decisions for it, you are making something truly amazing. :)

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Just curious but have you see "Starfixer"?

Their gravity shifting approach to redirected walking isn't something I've seen done before and thought it might be of interest you. 

This game work with HTC vive?

Yes. In fact, it was initially developed with HTC Vive. If you'd run into any trouble, let me know.

Hi! Does this game work with SteamVR? I have a WMR headset and I'd like to know if it will work

It does. It should detect SteamVR by itself but you can also force it by executing run_steamVR.bat.


so I know you told me you didn't need any musical assistance from me, so I made some other tracks and uploaded som older ones for the sake of it ^^
-playlist: https://soundcloud.com/user-405219275/sets/tea-for-god-fanost-by-curious
-new track I finished today, Slaw Mouth: https://soundcloud.com/user-405219275/slaw-mouth?in=user-405219275/sets/tea-for-...
-also a track I finished today, framed: https://soundcloud.com/user-405219275/framed?in=user-405219275/sets/tea-for-god-...
-an older track I'm unsure of if it was intended to be for tea for god, but I also believe it still might've, ptósi pýrgou: https://soundcloud.com/user-405219275/ptosi-pyrgou?in=user-405219275/sets/tea-fo...
-this one was never meant for tea for god I know. but all my music is free to use and if allowed personally by me, can be used for profit. and I just thought this one could fit possibly: https://soundcloud.com/user-405219275/blank?in=user-405219275/sets/tea-for-god-f...

they may be no use for you or your project, but I hope you like the newer ones anyway. hope you enjoy your time listening and if you've got any thoughts on any of them I'd be very eager to hear about what you've got on your mind.
if you'd be too busy to listen to any, I'd understand that, though please let me know. otherwise I'll still check occasionally if you've listened or not. I don't want to bother you, but I don't know if you care to listen or not and just wanna be sure.

wish you a lovely day/night and alot of luck with your project and other freetime too~!! hope you're taking care ^^

This game look fascinating, I wish I had the tech to play it.  I'm not sure quite what you mean by orbifold, how does this differ from a covering space?  I've been playing around with covering spaces for a while and it's possible to come up with a solid implementation in the sense that you can write your engine (or just build on top of an existing one) and then use existing tools to author content.  Path lifting does everything for you, though lighting is tricky!

Orbifold is like two euclidean spaces connected with each other. Impossible spaces (or if I understand your term "covering space") are an instance.

There are various things to handle, like AI seeing through portals/doors into other rooms/spaces. I use very simple point lighting - it works good enough but having dynamic shadows could be extremely complicated. Although light maps should be fairly easy.

you've mentioned a discord server, where would i be able to find that?

Hi, there you go: https://discord.gg/FFwyf4n

does the quest build support the oculus quest 2, cause when i launch it, it says "boundary area not found" and closes

It does. I test it on both Quest and Quest 2. Could you tell me what OS version do you have installed? (although I tested it on v28 and worked fine). The game requires boundary to be set prior to launch. Make sure it is treating the setup not as a stationary (the headset may suggest using stationary for small play areas). The smallest play area supported is 1,2 by 1,8. Theoretically, it should be possible to go with a smaller and scale horizontally but that may end up with motion sickness. This approach is not supported yet. Although horizontal scaling is available in the options.

(2 edits)

i am using "v 0.5.5 (#226) - Oculus Quest APK - latest build" i have plenty of space and am running it through windows, should i use "v 0.5.5 (#226) - latest build" instead?

Seems you're running Windows build, using air link or Oculus link, right? Currently it is impossible to read a valid boundary via links (and Virtual Desktop as well). I have a simple solution that is a temporary workaround (as I hope that with some future update it will be possible to read the actual boundary) but I still need to check a few things. And for a while, it might be available only as a preview build (check discord server for that).

i tried using the preview build and ended up with the same results, i could try launching it through steam vr, idk if that will help (any idea if/when oculus link will be supported?)

what it means by play area not found is it’s boundary idk where it at for oculus quest2 but for me it’s in gardian and I set the floor level then set the boundary 

It's not in the preview build yet. I should be uploading a new preview build tomorrow - I will let you know about it.

There's little I can do with support for oculus link/air link/virtual desktop besides adding manual setup of a play area. And even that is done a bit different to what headsets/systems provide, mostly because as a developer I have no access to pass-through, so it's more like moving rectangular area around and peeking/or standing at the boundary edge to see the boundary all the time and adjust the area.

And the problem is that ATM there is no way to read the actual boundary info from the headset. What's worse, if you take it off, move around and put it on again, the tracking gets desynchronized. It works for games that do not require the actual play area info. For anything more, it gets a bit messy and requires some weird solutions (like manually adjusting the play area).

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