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This game is amazing, and I hope other games will be adopting this form of locomotion :).

However, I frequently find myself stuck in levels that terminate in a small room with a glowing blue floor. I can't seem to find any way to make progress.

Am I missing something?

Thanks :)

That's the start. When you go inside that metal box, the doors behing you shut. You should actually look for a room with red glowing floor. To help with navigation, use arrows on displays that are attached to your hands.

I've been playing and enjoying this game for months now. I really love what you're doing. Do you have any way for a person like me to send support?

You mean, feedback? You can write here or by email ( Twitter and discord are fine too, although sometimes I forget to check them for a few days :(


Hi, I watched some youtube vids on this game, and it looks great. But every time I try to start it on my Oculus Rift S, It crashes and my headset turns off. Any fix?

Do you have a CPU with 6 cores (12 logical cores)? There is something weird going on in my game on such CPUs. If you could also send me a log file (from _logs, a file called output<date-time>.log) to, it could help.


I absolutely LOVE your game.  But, like Jervi71 below, I also crash and return to home screen with no message.  I will help you debug if needed.  Contact me if you need.


P.S. I read that you developed this in 1 month.  You are my programming hero.

Trying to repro it right now. It should be fairly simple to repro it as a there were a few people who reported the crash.

To make it clear, I worked for one month on Quest port. The game itself is in development for much longer time (if you assume 40h a week it is around 1,3 years).

It's fixed now (#189) :)

Awesome! Thanks. 

Keep up the great work! Are you planning on putting this on the the Oculus store? You would make a killing IMHO. 

I'd love to but first it has to be a fun game that works properly on Quest. And that's still a long way to go but step by step I am planning to get there.

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this is a great game. An excellent idea.

I have the Quest updated with last firmware and I have downloaded last version (0.3.10#188) but after few minute the game crashes and return to the Quest home with no message.

Thanks :)

About the crash. I am now trying to repro it. If I get repro, I'll fix it and upload a build.

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Thanks to you!

Have you already fixed it in build #189?

I try it for few minutes but seems ok!

Thanks! 👍

Yup, #189 is the one with the fix.

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hello may I ask if there is some kind of minimum or recommended system requirment ? running i5 2500k and old gtx660, planning to buy an rtx and have move the pc in anoterh room.

could I play the game well with this old card ?

Also is it compatible with 120 frames /sec ?

review seems grate , cant wait to try

The recommended is nVidia 970 or equivalent. There are options that can make it run smoother on slower graphic cards or at a higher rate.

How can you change the refresh rate to 120 frames/sec? The game reads the current settings from the vr system (steamvr or oculusvr) and if 120 is provided by them it maaaay work. "May" because the CPU could be a bottleneck. Most of the time a frame (we talk about a bigger level) takes less than 5ms which is below 120Hz (8,3ms) but that's on a CPU with 8 logical cores.

I keep getting an error message saying something about "could not get boundry limit". I have a Rift, and it works for other VR games i have tried. 

Do you have roomscale defined or is it in sitting/standing mode?

I think I have it as roomscale even though my room is a long rectangle. Do I need to use sitting/standing mode?

It should be room-scale. Such message appears when it can't read info about play area. With SteamVR it happens when the headset was not detected in the area. For Oculus it should be only when in standing/sitting mode.

Could you send me a log file (from _logs subfolder a file named output<date-time>log)?

The new Quest firmware update breaks hand tracking for some unofficial apps and Tea for God is among those affected. Here is the fix:

Thank you for the link. I was away from the computer today. A new build is now available with fix for the issue and performance improvements.

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I'm using Index controllers, and for some reason, grabbing doesn't want to work for me. I'm making a fist over highlighted objects, and it isn't quite working. I've tried rebinding controls to no avail... If anyone here has had the same problem, and fixed it, it would be awesome if you would share the fix with me.

Haven't tried that with Index :( Could you please send me a log (any of output<date-time>.log from _logs subfolder). I will check how Index controllers register, because from the information you provided, it seems that the game assumes they are normal Vive hands.

I don't know where the _logs folder is/I don't have one

In the folder, you unpacked the game there should be folders: library, settings, system. These contain game data. There should be also a bunch of folders starting with an underscore character. These are created by the game. If there are none, it might be the operating system or antivirus that makes the game run in a virtual folder. Check if there are any other folders, if not let me know. Try to search for "_logs" with a system disk search. I will also try to get in contact with someone who has a quest to get a log file.


I just discovered your game, and I love it. This is perfect to use a not so big play space at full potential.

But I can't go too far as I have the same issue. I use the brand new Valve Index controllers, and grabbing does not work. I tried many configurations without success.

I can see a lot of VR : MISSING HAND POSE 0 and VR : MISSING HAND POSE 1 in the log file.

Let me know if you need more.

Keep good work !

I don't have Valve Index, yet. I have five vr headsets (including DK1 which I think stopped working) and I was really tempted to buy Valve Index. Well I still am ;)

If you could run the game with option --drawVRControls (check run_steamVR.bat, copy it, change option to --drawVRControls). When you start the game, you will see a debug display for controls. There should be a few bars on top (for fingers), square zone for joystick and a lot of numbered buttons below. Try pressing conrols for grab, check what has changed and let me know.

Also, if you could send me a log file to . I want to make sure the name that Index controllers use to identify is recognisable by the game.

VR : MISSING HAND POSE appears when pose is not provided by vr system. It might be because hands are out of cameras' sight. In such situation it is assumed that the hand pose is the same, relatively to the head.

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This is an amazing concept, and it's already a fun/immersive VR game! :D I love the use of portals/non-euclidean geometry! Please keep developing this! (Especially for Quest!) I've been checking for updates way too often.. heh

Totally going to try the Quest version in my garage later once I get it cleaned out a bit! ;D Tho I am very impressed how well it works in my small room-scale space. It's nice that it can manage that, tho it does rare show some flaws in that scale.

If there's one simple feature I'd wanna see ASAP, it'd be an Option for Mazes in the Experience mode. So I'm glad to hear you're working on more options!

I'm very tempted to take a wack at making something similar to this in UE4, tho doing the portal effect in VR properly is a fun challenge. heh This movement system would be such a great way to explore a Silent Hill style horror environment. ;)

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to purchase this on the Quest store someday! (or where ever lol)

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If you have a PC VR you can try Shattered Lights (free on Steam), it features the same "walk in roomscale" with a horror atmosphere and is a great VR experience (but it is not randomly generated - so after one short play-through you are done).

Wonderful game. I was surprised at how long I played. 

I *REALLY* appreciate that you allow for a "no-die" play option so I can just enjoy the world.

I really enjoy the world you are building, I hope you keep expanding on it.

One thing I wish is that the route wasn't linear, like if it branched off and you had to make decisions, or even backtrack at times, like a labyrinth. Or maybe it does and I just missed it? LOL

Now if I could only sort out how to prevent my cable from getting so twisted up! :)

Thank you :)

Soon I should add a custom play option where you can change any particular setting. One of them is related to mazes (right now experience mode has no mazes). But even then the levels are linear, there is just zone after zone and I am thinking about implementing more open structure of the level. Initially I wanted to do that after weapon crafting and after I added more extension modules with UI for them, but having custom play options just screams for that.

The more open the levels will be, the more tangled the cable will get :( There is turn counter on your left wrist that may help with that and I am considering adding a mini-level to detangle the cable.

That sounds amazing.  Although yesterday I was working through a long level, and it seemed so long, and then it got very empty (no enemies) and eventually I realized that I had turned around and gone all of the way back to the beginning without realizing it. So maybe I will not be so good at mazes. Haha :)  It was still fun though.

Yes, I need to learn to use the turn counter to keep my cord form tangling.
I felt like the cord tangling was ruining my immersion, but I started to remember that I am not in the maze, I'm operating a robot in the maze, so obviously there is a cord. Like, the maze is "real", the robot is "real", I'm "real", and that made me feel immersed again.

One thing that I really enjoy is the real sense of vertigo I get when out on those high ledges! I find my knees getting week when I try to get too close to the edge, which is crazy to feel that way in VR when I know I'm in my own house with nothing to fall off of. It is amazing. Who knows, this game might even help me become less afraid of heights through exposure. :)

I might add an option to spawn more enemies. Especially that they could be dropped, use some extra elevators etc. Or just spawn behind the corner.

With that feeling that you control a robot, you are quite close to what is actually happening in the game's world.

I used to be afraid of heights. When playing in VR I don't feel anything, no discomfort, nothing. But then, after many hours in VR I noticed that I am in fact a little bit less afraid of heights. It's now just minor discomfort ;)


So, I spent most of my day playing in a 12ft x 12ft play space on my new Oculus Quest. I didn’t understand anything about the game initially. The menus were very uninviting and the tutorials, while thorough, didn’t really make sense to me. Regardless I loaded in for my first game.. and I TRIED using my joysticks to move at first  and thought something was wrong when I couldn’t... but that moment of realizing that I could just... walk. Normally. It was so profound. As a gamer it’s a moment I will never forget. It’s the first time VR really has felt like VR to me. 

And it keeps surprising me. Right before I logged off, I ran into “ducts” for the first time and had to actually crouch and crawl across my floor. It was scary and intense and i was completely and utterly immersed and it was wonderful. 

Despite being in pre alpha stage the fact that the game is procedurally generated and every play through is different gives it more replayability than pretty much everything on my oculus Quest. I’m so so grateful to have this on the Quest and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Please let me support this game with money!

Yeah, the main menu is just... Well, the best thing is that it is. And although it is better from what it initially was, it still is a far cry from what it should be. The in-game menus on the other hand will most likely stay the way they are (floating 8-bitsy windows) but there will be more stuff added there.

There will be more actual gameplay stuff coming in in following weeks. After I fix reported bugs and work a bit on improving performance for Quest, I plan to work on extension modules and weapon crafting. This should add more depth and strategy, although until there is an overall map, it will be lacking direction (well, it will be just random stuff).

Played yesterday on Quest in a very small space (4x2 cells), still had a blast. Felt kinda tense at times, maybe due to the feeling of not knowing what to expect... Totally looking forward to play more and in larger spaces!

Aside from some slight fps drops, I’d like to report a bug: I grabbed one of those small flying worm/disc bots that stick to walls, and thrown it out of a rooftop... It flew around a bit, then the game crashed hard, forcing me to reboot Quest. Maybe it didn’t find a wall to stick on!

There is a number of bugs that happen only on Quest that I gather and start fixing after I get home. Haven't heard of this one yet and repro seems straighforward :) Thanks :)

I really loved the experience but I hope you add more kinds of gamemodes other than corridor walker, maybe something with more enemies like a zombies horde defence mode? 

Also where can I send a donation?

Currently I focus on the main mode. Although it will include more than just walking through corridors. Other modes that I'd like to add I leave for later. I'd love to add multiplayer too but that is not going to happen before release (I have plenty ideas how and what but it's better to do a few things properly than start doing way too many and not finish them).

Wooh, that was a blast. Played through a run with quest, felt like I walked a mile. Never felt so clautrophobic in my life, though! XD

Performace was mostly good apart form a few stutters. Maybe when the game was loading in new assets/areas?

Seems like this could be combined with the tech that shifts the player's rotation during unconcious eye movement ( to create insanely huge spaces.

This game really highlights what I think is wrong with VR playspaces at the moment: They're 2D. In real playspaces there are places where you can step, but shouldn't swing hands overhead (e.g. light fittings) or can put your hands, but shouldn't step (e.g. couch/chair), etc. No vr system today takes this into account and it really annoys me. Not that I would expect such an early build to take that into account anyway, even if it were possible :P

Gonna wait for an overcast day and try this outside. This is probably the first time I've felt like I really needed a bigger playspace. I guess not many games have the confidence to really commit to roomscale. That rik & morty game is the only one that comes to mind.

Thanks :)

Performance might be related to portals and that's going to be changed soon. I need to investigate it more to get all bottlenecks. The assets are not loaded but it might be very similar thing - many are created on fly.

The 2Dness is a problem. I tried going up and down and it didn't work that well. With the claustrophobic feeling I will be trying an approach that was recently in Shattered Lights (if you have VR for PC, try it, it's on Steam). And was also proposed by Vince. To scale movement and the space a bit. It should help with lower scaling up.

That solution that bases on eye movement would not work. I haven't try it as I don't have the tech, but it works best when moving slowl and looking around. I've seen people running in my game. The rotations would be really quick, too quick. Although I still would like to try it and be proved wrong :)

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Do you still plan on doing a full proper release on the Quest store? If so have you already submitted an application or received approval from oculus?


I plan doing so. To not say too much: I am aware of Quest Pitch and Oculus is aware of my game. 

Hi, I'm trying to play this on my Oculus (CV1), and I'm having an issue where the game opens and displays on the monitor, but never displays in the headset. It happens in both Oculus and Steam VR mode... (Inside the headset, it shows the default "app is running" loading screen.) Any idea what would cause this?

If you have two graphic cards in your computer, check if the game is run in performance mode. It should be running on the faster one as if run on the slower one, the output doesn't go to the headset.

I'm running it on a gaming laptop that i use almost exclusively for VR, i'll check if it's in some kind of performance mode. I also noticed when i run it in steamVR mode it mentions a similar kind of error message about graphics cards. I'll take a closer look when I can and post more info. 

Let me know how it went. And if that didn't help, could you please tell me what laptop do you have, please?

It's the Lenovo Legion Y520 GTX 1060, it looks like this is an issue of display adapters, I see both the integrated CPU Graphics processor and the GPU. I tried following the comments here, but no luck...

I had a laptop with two cards a while ago. There should be an app to set which card/in which mode to run but ot depends on the laptop. I am away now for a few days but when I'm back I will check your laptop and I will contact you then, ok?

Whow, this was really something different. I only have a 2,5x2,5m space but still this was lot's of fun. Really innovative use of infinitive walking around a level. I have to try this in a much bigger area!

This was the first game that I played on the Oculus Quest and I loved it!  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Wonderful game! Now to get it working on my Vive. 

Hold on that a bit. There is a problem with controllers. Will be fixed today :)

Great, thank you!  Your awesome!

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I'd love to play this game, but I have an issue. In the Oculus version, my play space is not aligned correctly, and it thinks the rear of my play area is in the centre of my room, therefore i cannot play the game. However, my play area is correctly identified in SteamVR, but the oculus touch controllers are not recognised by the steamvr version. Please could you either add the ability to alter the position of the play area, or add oculus touch support for the steamvr version (the room adjustment is the most ideal method)? Thanks.

Update: It seems that reverting back to v0.3.8 has fixed the SteamVR controller issue, however, the Oculus issue is still there.

Update 2: Holy crap, what an experience! Even in my tiny 2m*1.6m play area, that was really, really immersive. Just wondering, how does the level system work? Are there multiple levels or different variations of the same level?

There is a bug in 0.3.9 with controllers on SteamVR and it is the first thing on my list to fix. There should be a fixed build (#185) today.

There is a problem with Oculus when the centre is shifted. I assumed that it is the same as for SteamVR where the playarea is always centred and it was so at least for some time and most users. But recently I heard that some people had problems with the playarea and now I am sure that it is related to that. For Oculus Quest I handle that so it is a matter of getting the centre of the playarea. It should be fixed in the same build :)

There are generators that place doors, corridors, platforms etc within given space. Generators are used by zone definitions. For an example there is a balcony zone generator that is used by balconies on adjacent towers, in a rail station, a well and a tower. Same method of defining doors but the looks change. For now the zones are randomly chosen when building a level. You can read more in a devpost:

Wait for #186. Will be uploaded soon. It is fixed and I started to work on playarea calibration utility, so it is easier to check what's wrong and adjust playarea accordingly.


Sweet, thanks! I let some of my friends, who were new to VR, try this game and they loved it. Good job 👍🏻

Hello! I love your game super immerseive! 2 suggestions I was thinking off.

(1) The oculus controllers on my quest have great haptics, it would be great if you could add haptics for reloading a gun, shooting a gun, pulling a lever, etc....! I think that could make it feel even more real!

(2) I understand that the game tries to get a square of space from your guardian. Some spaces are weird and have like a square and a long hall way sticking out. etc, do you ever plan to support non-square spaces? Could be cool to have more real estate to work with. 

Thanks :)

(1) This actually bugs me a bit because it is there for shooting (after reloading for a shotgun), picking up/touching stuff (although I am not sure if it is for every time you touch something or only for items you can pick up). You have Oculus Rift with standard Touch controllers, right?

(2) Generally speaking, yes it is possible. For time being I want to focus on the game, though. But I have in plans supporting such spaces (and bigger ones!) as it would add a lot. Initially I wanted to do that but decided to do everything with small steps. Have the basics working (generating for rectangular spaces) and then introduce more after a while.

Oh! I’m playing on quest with the new touch controllers maybe that’s why.

Good thing to know, thanks :) I know that there are two ways to have haptic feedback but implemented just one. It worked on my controllers but I will make sure about that and implement the other too :)

And makes sense thanks for the communication!

This is just so fucking cool. Actually walking around in VR is so immersive.


I remember when I bought HTC Vive and I was trying out demos. And after a few teleports I wanted to walk. Just walk, normally. I quickly run into the boundary but I loved the feeling. That night, when I was walking the dog, I realised that I can get the tech that I was developing for a different game (I still want to do that game) and use it for VR.

I totally get what you mean. A lot of the time teleporting or "walking" with the analogue stick just feels wrong. There's been a lot if cool movement mechanics in vr games yet this is the first time I've seen just simple walking and it works brilliantly. A couple of other smaller things I liked are the way the robots are designed and how you can interact with them in other ways than just shooting them. I love the way the guns extend and retract into your hand. The 1 second-long process feels so natural and fluid I find myself doing it over and over again because it just feels cool.

Take my money.  Do you have a patreon account?

No. I plan to move to early access in a few months. Probably even then I will be releasing free demo builds which will show new stuff but will have some limitations.

I would sign up for early access and give feedback.  I’m on the quest FYI.  It was pretty amazing to travel so far in a 2.5 square meter space.  

Fantastic concept works beautifully on the Quest - can't wait to see new levels/commercial build!

I will have to say "stop" eventually but there are so many things that can be added. Most likely I will just stop adding them, finish the game, release it and then continue to add stuff as updates.

You have my full support - purchase day one, love the concept - and I'm showing/promoting this to whoever I know.

I downloaded this game through SideQuest and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.


I try to post regularly and have a new build every two weeks. With Quest build it took more time but I wanted to make it working and available to the people. And now I will be getting a few days off but I still want to have a new build available by the end of July. Follow me here, on twitter, fb :)

Hey whenever i unzip this the exe deletes itself and my uac acts funny

Do you have an antivirus soft? If so, which one. I've seen similar things with other apps. Currently my exe is not signed and it doesn't help. I will have to consider getting a certificate.

My antivirus quarantined it without any notification (Bit defender Free) but i use a lot of unsigned apps on a daily basis and this has never happened.

Thanks for the info. I'll check that. I had similar issues with a different app that I was working on. Although I can't remember right now if it was Bitdefender or ByteFence. It was different technology, was build on a designated computer. It really gets down to specific parts of the code that are taken for malware.

Do you need to disable the guardian system

It helps. When not disabled you will get the guardian visible a lot.

Hi! Amazing game so far, I love it! I did try casting to my phone via the quest app though, and was met with a "this app is not supported for casting" message. Any ideas?

I've run into that when I was showing it to my wife and wanted to see what she was seeing. It might be some setting missing or an event not handled. Added that to the list and will fix it.

On SteamVR with HTC Vive I don't see any controllers, any fix for that?

I had to revert to v0.3.8 to get them working :/

Yeah that worked for me, awesome game concept

Did you try 0.3.9 #186? I checked that on Vive, Rift running with both Oculus and SteamVR and it was ok. If it wasn't for you, there has to be some other bug.

And thanks :)

#186 0.3.9 is the only one that doesn't work on Vive for me, 0.3.8 works great though.

Actually I take it back 0.3.9 #186 is working perfectly, seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for the info :)

Thank you for the information. I will check that, fix and update the build.

Amazing, seriously amazing game.

MAN you are a GENIUS! This is my favorite game for QUEST so far and is only a beta version.... publish a full version of this and you will be rich. Easily I will pay 40-50 euros for a full game like this. Rarely spend so much on games. This is innovative and really immersive. Please go ahead and finish this into a game.

That's the plan. Getting there step by step. The next bigger things on the list are related to weapons and other customisations. That's when the core gameplay should start to click.

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EASILY one of the most compelling and innovative VR experiences I've had. The potential for this is absolutely mind-boggling. I turned off my Guardian just so the grid wouldn't keep popping up and it was completely immersive. I'm blown away by this.

Played on the Quest, btw.

I wonder if it will be possible to change how guardian is displayed when not using Developer mode. I wish there would be the same options that are for guardian on PC (Oculus). If not, It's either developer mode or getting a larger space and adding a safety border.


A very unique and innovative game.This has a retro nostalgic feel to it.The game from 1990 out of this world and flashback reminds me of this.What we wanted vr to be in 1980.Its very ,very cool...Jesus is my Lord and Savior !

I remember first time seeing and playing those games. It was an unique experience, you had that feeling of a huge world, big adventure.

any way i can disable the time limit without switching to previous versions

At the moment only by choosing experience mode. I have a custom mode in plans, which allows you to alter any option there is. There is also a debug menu: when you are in game, you have to take off headset, press 'C' and choose "no reactor"... and do it every time you start, so that's not convenient. I use it for debugging and when showcasing to alter game a bit.


Can you do it for the quest?

Not yet. But custom mode should be available soon - I want to fix bugs, add a few smaller features that were requested and then continue with gameplay mechanics.

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I notice that the game incorrectly determines the game space! I have more space than game zone have in one side (game out of my borders), and less in another side (game inside borders, but a bit far from them). Also, game see much less space in length than I have.

So, can you please fix abovesaid problem?

Adding possibility to resize and move safe borders will be very enough


I'd love to fix it. I need to ask you for a logfile, so I can get a few info (your headset, VR system and few other things). If you could send me a log file (output <date-time>.log from _logs subfolder) to

It is possible now to adjust playarea although there is no interface exposed to do that - it will be added. I will also add forcing VR system to show bounds when in playarea options, so it is easier to tell if playarea is properly aligned. Right now you would have to force VR system to show bounds manually (not that convenient).

Both open vr (SteamVR) and oculus vr (Oculus) have point 0,0,0 in the middle of playarea and I only read size of it. This way, if there was something wrong, it would stick out of the playarea on both sides. Unless of course something has changed and the centre may be now offset (for oculus mobile vr (eg. Quest) it is possible). I had a few cases when it turned out that the in-game area was stretched beyond but I haven't received the log files :( or it turned out that the vr system required calibration.


First off - this was an amazing experience (apart from the wire getting tangled up - I'm seriously considering getting a Quest just to experience this game better). This was a very fun experience and forcing me to crawl on the floor to avoid getting shot was pure genius.

However I did encounter a similar issue as the OP - 

I'm on Oculus Rift CV1 , the size of the play space is correct but misaligned with my guardian border (causing me to "bump" into objects when I reach the limit of my play space.

I sent a mail with the log files and would appreciate if you could tell me how to align the play space to my guardian system.


I will be checking if Oculus may have the play area not centred and how to get info about that (for sure Quest does so and it is handled, but not for PC, OpenVR/SteamVR is centred). And besides that, I plan to add more control on playarea. Moving it around, rotating, changing size. It should be available in the next build, hopefully.

Thank you for contacting and the logs :) 


Hi, i have bug. Game dosnt see right controller. Im using WMR. Also left arm look like right.

Could you send me a log file, please? One of output<date-time>.log located in _logs subfolder. It should go through all connected devices and I will check why it doesn't pickup the right controller. There is no native WMR support right now. It is in plans and it may help in such cases. Although it should work fine with SteamVR (that's why I am curious to see in the log file, why it doesn't get the second controller). log.

Thanks! :) If you could grab the latest build (#183). The game looks for controllers and in your case it was getting XBox controller (or something that was being reported as one) as a tracked device. For now it is solved by ignoring gamepads but I should add a proper solution for that.

Disconecting gamepad solved problem.

Glad you solved it :) A proper solution for the problem will be done.

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Awesome game from what little I could play. I managed to get it to run only once on my Vive. I got a steamvr crash every other time. I tried starting it with the steamvr bat file and I disabled Revive and other apps that start with steamvr to no avail. Definitely keeping my eye on this one for future versions.

Does the "send a bug report" message appear and is it possible to send it? I had a few reports before but can't repro it - I introduce changes in the code to allow finding the source of the problem, that's why every report may help.

No, the game seems to load fine after a while. It's steamvr that crashes and once I close that the game closes as well. I did get it to work again and finished one level without doing anything differently from what I could tell. I did also try the previous version and had the same issue. I could try to record my screen if it helps you at all.

Thanks for the info. It seems to be the same thing, as happened to few other people. I got steam logs and there was an information that was related to the crash (as: there was something weird just before it crashed), but it was not that useful. I wish it was crashing on one of my computers, because then I could try lots of stuff (I currently suspect a one or maybe a few particular calls that crash the game later on, it doesn't seem to happen immediately but builds up).

If you could tell me what graphics card (and drivers) do you have and how many cores (strangely enough, I have one crash being reported now and then that happens only on computers with 12 cores).

That doesn't seem to be it unfortunately. I'm on a Ryzen 5 2600x with 6 cores. GPU is an RTX 2080, driver 430.86. Definitely feels like it builds up. The game is in the loading screen and freezes every few seconds until the image distorts and the HMD goes black once steam crashes.

Ok, maybe a video actually could help a bit.

Also, it might be worth trying, if you could open mainConfig.xml and there should be a line:
If you could change that to, say, 8.

I have 4 physical cores (8 logical cores) and I tried forcing to 12 but it worked). If that would work, at least I'd have some starting point.

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I found this game through people talking about the sort of locomotion (or lack thereof) that Shattered Lights used. This and Unseen Diplomacy were the only other games that were cited as existing, and I gotta say, this has blown me away. The aesthetic is wonderful, the energy transfer system feels really good (once I figured it out, anyways, but even figuring out how it worked felt like a satisfying puzzle -- I skimmed the basics and set out to find stuff out in-game as best I could). I only played one level, five zones, but am very much looking forward to going back for more. Initial impressions these may be, but being that it is pre-alpha, the fact the core and first-time experience was so solid really says a lot about the potential of the game overall. I'm gonna be trying to pitch this to everyone I know that has VR, and it will become a title I demo to guests without a doubt. 

I look forward to seeing where this goes from here! Thank you for all your hard work thus far!

PS: This is going to be an amazing game to have available on the Quest. I wish I could experience this wireless, and am super happy that entry-level VR users will have such a cool game available to them.

Thanks :D There is also Somad and ARES. And there's Unseen Diplomacy 2 that is currently being developed.

There should be a playable version for Quest available soonish. And for a while new versions will be free do play.


This game singlehandedly makes me wanna drop $250 on a wireless adaptor, too much fun

If you plan to buy Quest or already have it, wait for the Quest version :)

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