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Tea For God is a VR roguelite shooter that uses impossible spaces (an euclidean orbifold) and procedural generation to allow player infinite movement within their own home.

In a distant future, humankind has been united, ruled by God Emperor. Endowed with advanced technology we reached stars, colonised planets turning them into lavish paradises and went onto endless crusades against myriads of civilisations.

A man on an extermination mission learns his family has been killed in a fierce attack. An attack that should never happen under the rule of omniscient and caring God Emperor. Bereaved and furious seeks for answers and vengeance, embarking onto his last journey to the place, no human has ever left alive, where God Emperor is believed to reside.

It's currently in pre-alpha stage with a public build available as a prototype/proof of concept.


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v 0.5.5 (#226) - latest build 44 MB
v 0.5.5 (#226) - Oculus Quest APK - latest build 42 MB
v 0.5.4 (#225) 41 MB
v 0.5.4 (#225) - Oculus Quest APK 40 MB
v 0.5.3 (#223) 51 MB
v 0.5.3 (#223) - Oculus Quest APK 49 MB
v 0.5.2 (#222) 50 MB
v 0.5.2 (#222) - Oculus Quest APK 48 MB
v 0.5.1 (#221) 50 MB
v 0.5.1 (#221) - Oculus Quest APK 48 MB
v 0.5.0 (#220) 50 MB
v 0.5.0 (#220) - Oculus Quest APK 48 MB
v 0.4.13 (#217) 38 MB
v 0.4.13 (#217) - Oculus Quest APK 36 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) 33 MB
v 0.3.13 (#198) - Oculus Quest APK 31 MB
v 0.3.0 - first public prototype 51 MB

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I would really like this to try out this game except for some reason when trying to use the pc version through virtual desktop with my quest 2(would like the better graphics) the screen is just black any ideas?

No idea. I've been delaying looking into Virtual Desktop for a long time and it will still have to wait a bit. I am aware that there is a different problem with the play area size that also has to be fixed.

I played this a few months ago on my Quest 2 and absolutely loved it. I felt very scared sneaking through the corridors, waiting for the next robot to pop out from nowhere. It's such an immersive experience. Will this game come to the Oculus Store or App Lab in the future, and if so, will it be free or paid? (I definitely wouldn't mind paying; this game is so awesome)

Thanks :) The game is going to be paid. I am planning to first add it to App Lab but it's not ready to get there yet


I've been very well addicted to this game and it also feels inspiring in a sense. I'm limited to quest due to money, so I may not have all the features, since there's a more powerful PC version, right?
anyways ignoring that I did notice it said *music* when going to the audio configuration. yet I heard no music, so either I just stupid or perhaps there's no music yet. or you may not want that to be added at all. all I really wanted was to just ask if you'd like any music, since I'd love to. it's such a great game and I wanted to repay you for all the fun and inspiration I've got out of the game so far! ^^

The music is going to be added to the game. It's actually being added. I haven't noticed that the "music" slider went into the public builds but as I plan to make it public soon, I am not going to hide it :)

is the music being composed by you aswell or is someone else? was just wondering if I could submit a fan track or something. though if you've got all planned or don't consider it fitting I apologise for bothering -w-''
but yea, I just noticed that lil' detail. pretty neat I say! ^^

Someone else. Fan tracks are welcomed. Even if I don't use them for this game, I'd rather have a list of people with music they make as some other, future project may require completely different mood.

Alrighty, just wanted to make sure!
But yea, I can see your point. I'd assume I wouldn't succeed to pull off the desired and intended vibe the overall game's going for.
However, that doesn't mean I still didn't feel inspired to atleast make something ^^
you may have a listen if you'd like!

I found some rare bugs, but have still been enjoying the heck outta TfG!

Thank you :) That dog on the door frame was hilarious :D Haven't seen it before. But that's something I am aware of, that enemies spawn on top of the corridors and doors. The worst and unexpected was two doors in the same place. In this version, there is a problem with enemies not walking. This also is true for spider bots. Proximity mines detect enemies incorrectly. Also physics bugs.

At one time, you didn't know where to install a hand-shield upgrade. You can actually replace any existing upgrade and then reinstall it at the orange room (purple on the map, makes me think about the consistency...).

Thanks again :)

I may be a doofus, but I can't seem to be able to go north? All the doors leading north are blocked.


Must be a bug. What version do you have? There was a bug that on a certain set of play areas it couldn't generate the level and was stuck. Could you also send me a log file "output.log" (PC: in _logs, Quest: /Android/data/com.voidroom.TeaForGod/files/_logs/) to contact@voidroom.com ?

Just downloaded the latest build, 0.5.5. I've sent the log at the time of this post.


(replied to the email, replying here in case someone else gets it).

Try removing folders: library, system, settings and unpacking the zip again. Seems that there was a previous version in the same folder, some older files remained and caused problems.

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Ah, I think I know what went amiss. I used the itch desktop client, and it's possible that it's download function just installed it right over top a very old version. Thanks for the help.

Very fun game! i really enjoy playing it, the thing is that for some reason crouching is always dissallowed no matter what, meaning i dont get the full experience, what is the reason for this?

Have you tried in options/play area change "crouch" setting to "allow"? It should generate the level with crouching sections then.

Yes i did multiple times and it automatically goes back to disallowed, its a bit weird

There were a few bugs with storing some of the settings. I was fixing them but I don't remember if they're in the latest public update. I will check that to make sure these are stored.

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This game is fantastic, I want this and so much more like it.  Have you thought about getting some extra hands to expand on what you already made/plan to add?

This idea is one of the best I've seen and thanks to you I've emptied my front room to get the largest space I can to enjoy what you've created.

Keep up the great work, can't wait for puzzles and keys and even more rooms to explore!

Also, is there any difference between the windows and apk versions?  I'm loving the mobile experience on Q2 already but curious.

The problem with getting someone onboard is the lack of tools. This is a custom engine and I have no user-friendly tools. After the release, I might put some time into making proper tools, so the next game (or addons) might be done in a bit larger team than just me. Another reason is that the game is quite experimental in many ways and some of the stuff changes a lot (internally). It's like inventing/discovering things, what can be done and how. If I get more experience with that, it will be easier to build the right tools for the job.

Besides downgrade in graphics (simpler reflections, lightning, a bit less detailed models) there's only one difference - closer view distance on Quest when outside. It doesn't affect gameplay. Well, unless you play with navigator modification turned on and you want to use further objects to place yourself on the map. But even then, the view distance is enough. Quest 2 is between Quest and PC version.


Hi, I’m loving the game so far, the only thing thats missing are main goals, which I saw on another comment you are adding, i have something else I wanna talk about though, in a previous build there were these creatures in the distance, they were very unsettling and I LOVED that feeling, idk if you intended it or not but it gave wonder to the world, the airships that are in the game now give off the same feeling, just wanted to ask why you got rid of those guys, I think mysterious things, or just weird in general really give the world a sense of mystery 


I removed them temporarily as I need to make sure they won't walk into buildings and won't fall off edges. Their AI was hacked previously and now with an actual environment, they need something a bit more sophisticated :)

Just curious if you have submitted (or considering) submitting Tea for God for Oculus App Lab approval?


The game is still early in development it seems, the developer has mentioned a lot more mechanics that they want to add, so I assume that they're waiting to submit it until the product is a bit closer to their vision of it


I want to have a proper vertical slice. A part of the game that is closer to the final product with gameplay, visuals, sound, music, story.


Not yet. Right now there are certain issues that I want to resolve (like lack of objective :) ).

This game is absolutely fantastic! I've found myself running around and around in my living room for hours. It runs well, it's surprisingly smooth and not buggy for an early access indie VR game, and learning how the world works and how to navigate was a fantastic experience, and I feel like there's still more to learn. I'm excited to see where this game goes in the future, cause I know that it's gonna be great. I don't wanna backseat game dev or anything, but I feel like some sort of end goal would really lend to the power trip of getting good at this game and give new players something to work towards. Ofc that asks about the spacial question, but perhaps a big outdoor platform with a massive robot climbing/flying around outside of your playspace would be neat. I'd understand if that isn't a priority tho! Thank you so much for developing such a phenomenal game, I look forward to the next build!


There is going to be a goal :)

I'd love to have three boss fights (well, kind of four). One of them is going to be flying around and landing where you are.

Hi! I really love your game. I've been playing it now for a couple of hours past few days on Quest2 with this build 226. The non-euclidian world is really fitting for VR. There's a nice amount of weaponry and enemies. Sometimes enemies get you of guard, turrets on the other hand can be heard before seen, usually. Those places where there's crossing over an open space with many elevators is a hectic, when you try to dodge the big red turrets/cannons.

I have a few ideas what you could do:

The bomb, crab and the red dog robot that have buttons; the buttons are kinda hard to press when you have both hands full, you can use the end of the gun pipe of course, but there would be an easier way to activate the robot in hand. Use the trigger button for that. It is not used for anything else when holding the robot. Of course, you decide, if it has another use actually, why not?

Another idea, well maybe more of an improvement, would be to scale that UI up. It is hard to tweak the sliders. Sliders move kinda fast in one place when you want to tweak it just a tiny bit.

Also, I run to couple errors in the wall generation, where the wall is there where should be a door I guess, because it was a corner piece otherwise. This happened after I tweaked the room area settings to a little larger in area with more grids tiles.

PS. I like how the add-on on hand that calls "certain characters" is using the space around the player to echo or not depending on is it open space or not.

Btw. How did you program this? Is it your own game-engine and what language do you use? Maybe do a blog post about common questions like this? Maybe you have already answered this in your blog, I need to start reading I guess... :D Happy coding!

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Oh, and also if you have to backtrack for some reason, it would be nice to have a shortcut, maybe a teleport or something else, lower a bridge from the other side(or in this case activate an elevator from one side)? Or an open doorway that was locked from the other side. Add checkpoints now and then that you can hop over if you have already visited them.

Backtracking is a strategy that you can decide to use but the game does not require you to backtrack. That said, I am thinking about some way to cover larger distances but as it's not a necessity to have it in the game, I will add it only if there will be enough time. The ideas are underground transport, drop capsules (just like the ones that enemies use), special corridors/passages. Currently, the character is a human but if it was a robot, I'd consider dismantling and assembling in a different location. And most likely it would be possible only to travel to places you either have been to or you learn about them by other means.

I plan to add activating via trigger press but this should be only possible for robots that have the button close (not sure if there's going to be an animation for that). But I also plan to turn other robots onto your side via an upgrade.

With sliders (UI) can you specify which part is problematic? BTW, if you have a cursor within a "slidable" part of a window, you may use a joystick to slide left/right, up/down.

I fixed recently a bunch of corridor related bugs (and also a few others, like enemies stuck in a room).

The engine is mine. Right now it is possible to create impossible spaces with Unity. It should be also possible with Unreal. Having own engine solves a few things that might be problematic with other engines - like spaces management, currently other games tend to have various zones on top of each other or next to each other which makes vistas a bit harder to do. But then, you get lots of tools that you don't have when you write your own engine. Unless of course you spend a while on creating those tools or you use Unreal/Unity or something else for that :)


Thanks for replying. :)

I'm mainly using Unity, might do some room scale experiences. But maybe not with impossible spaces.

I do like it though that in room scale games you move by your own feet. It feels more immersive. Adding more in-game physical buttons, levers etc. adds to that.

Setting up is pretty easy in Unity, but you have of course some kinks to deal with and learn the framework given to you. I do understand creating your own engine opens up many possibilities.

There's plenty to do with roomscale. One of the things I wanted to try is to have platforms floating in the air, connected with power cables and you could travel between them by using these cables.

Own engine indeed opens many possibilities but also requires lots of additional work. I wouldn't recommend it though. Unless there's some really specific thing to be done. But even then, it might be worth considering using an existing engine. Engines today are great because of the pipeline and tools. Making it much easier to get more people involved in a project.

hey! I'm having issues, when I try to launch the game, it stops respoding / freezes after 30 second of loading screens, and the CPU usage always at 98% or higher

Is it PC or Quest? If you could send be output.log file, it would help to find the cause of the issue. For PC, it is placed in _logs subfolder. For Quest, it is in /Android/data/com.voidroom.TeaForGod/files/_logs/

where can I send it to? can you DM me you  Discord numbers?

I forgot :) Send it at contact@voidroom.com (or Discord: voidroom#6287)

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Completely amazing game, definitely one of the most fun experiences I've ever had in VR! The style is cool, the sound design is good, the weapons are fun, just overall a great game, especially for a free demo. 

The game is kinda confusing at times (the map and certain interactables), but it really feels intentional, and I like it this way. It really gives this since of progression and exploration, like your really on your own, trying to figure out some weird alien tech. The last update's post says you plan to use the ai companion to explain the games mechanics, but I really think the game doesn't need it,  blindly experimenting and discovering how things work on your own is just part of the experience.

But hey, that's just my opinion, I'm sure it'll be great whatever you decide to do. Keep up the great work :)

(Also I keep experiencing a bug where the black bomb things will spawn in without the activation button on the bottom and it makes me very sad, please fix (unless its an intentional dud feature in which case you are evil and I love it))

EDIT: Also I found an exploit. If you get the arm shield perk, you can drain a shield's health at a lever machine and then spawn a new one after, and since you get more energy out of it than what it costs to spawn one, you essentially get infinite energy and health. 


Thank you :)

Most likely I will add an option so you can play with explanatory tutorials or figure out stuff on your own. For now I plan to add tutorials that explain stuff.

Some of those missing button bugs are fixed but they still happen. Also the big red robots may miss the lever. It's the same bug.

That exploit is an amazing finding. Good spot. Gonna fix it (not for 0.5.5, for the next one). Thank you :)

Question what do those black bot things with the ball that flashes red when u hit thier button do? Ive thrown them at enemies stuck them to the wall stared into them i just cant figure it out

They're proximity mines. When you arm it and place it somewhere, when a hostile robot comes nearby, they explode. At least they should explode and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bug (as the spider bots were bugged :/ ). Although the last time I tried them (a few days ago) they worked as intended.

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This game is incredible, and I know people say the map system is confusing, but I like it as it I think it's great. I'm a little more advanced than most people are, using more complex mechanics, but there is a pretty major bug. When throwing little spider things as grenades, it crashes almost 100% of the time. I throw it at an enemy and it just freezes, then crashes. I am on an Oculus Quest 2 with the latest release. If it wasn't for that bug, this would be my favorite game of all time. As it stands, it's certainly top 3! Keep up the good work!

note: I'm glad y'all are still working on it, before I got it I had seen earlier demos and was scared y'all had stopped

That bug with spider grenade is fixed :) I am finishing initial implementation of persistence unlocks today so a new build should happen today or tomorrow .


great, thanks! Y'all's game is amazing, keep it up!

Okay first of all your game is absolutely incredible! I've never seen anything like this and I'm sure you've been hearing that a lot lately! I am a Creator and musician so anything I could do to help you all along your journey I'd be happy to help! My only criticism would be a better map system that follows the player a little bit more because I tend to get lost in the map.. would love to hear more about what the future of this game entails and hear back from you all!

Thank you :) Can you tell me how you get lost in the map? Is it hard to read, find directions or you have no idea where to go?

Imma just interpret this for y'all, he's saying that he would like a player tracker that moves dynamically. However, I don't think they realize that the maps, like the game, are non-linear/non-euclidean

It might be still possible to do a map that has dynamically updated the player's location but it might be more confusing as it won't map 1:1. I might try doing a "zoom in" map that splatters rooms and corridors with impossible spaces on 2d plane. Then there still will be problems with room layouts as the door placements do not map to the directions but they rather keep the order of doors.

hi void room!

I have really enjoyed playing around with your game since I got my quest! I am currently in a VR course at my university and our current project is creating our own form of locomotion (i.e. no joystick or wasd to move). Of the options we had, I picked impossible spaces since I have been playing Tea for God recently. I was curious if you had any resources for developing impossible spaces that helped you when creating the game? I haven't found much in the way of explanations or resources about impossible spaces in VR.



Hi hunterbooth,

There wasn't really too much information about impossible spaces back then. There were a few papers that described the idea (also it's where the term was coined) but I wasn't even aware of them then.

It's better right now as currently there is more information available about rendering portals (using Unreal or Unity or just as general info). There are also two other devs that work on impossible spaces:

One is Impossible Robert working on TraVRsal (). He wrote a post about portals: https://blog.wetzold.com/2020/01/04/non-euclidean-stencil-portals-in-virtual-rea...

The second dev is Triangular Pixels working on Unseen Diplomacy 2 - Unseen Diplomacy was the first actual game, not a research project, that was published that used the impossible spaces. It's worth checking out. It doesn't use portals but that also means that if you're stuck with portals for any reason, you can still do impossible spaces (you just need doors and unloading/loading parts of the level). For Unseen Diplomacy 2 they'll be using portals. John wrote two posts that show the idea: https://unseendiplomacy2.com/tag/portals/

Impossible Robert shows in details how to deal with the most problematic thing with portals - intersecting near plane. My approach is different as instead of using a box around it, I prefer to create a near plane cap. Which comes with its own set of problems but also gives more freedom and allows to place portals anywhere in the world (box approach may require holes behind portals. It might be easier to implement the box approach. The near plane cap requires a little bit of math and depending on the target platform and used libraries, some, uhm, creative solutions.

I use OpenGLES to render stuff and it misses depth clamping. Without it, I have to render very close to the near plane. But in certain situations, intersection of geometry that's right behind the portal and the near plane will make a narrow line visible. To tackle this, I render the world using 99.9% of the depth buffer, leaving that 0.1% purely for the near plane cap.


Dang, thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I will definitely check out those links when I get a moment today. Thank you again for being so willing to help, it means a lot


If you'd have any questions, feel free to ask :)


thank you so much, I'll let you know!

by the way, the resources you linked have been very helpful so far. I really appreciate it :)

a classic mode would be really cool since i kinda miss the old game mechanics from before 4.13, however complicated they were. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to support both modes at the same time. At least until the release. I miss some of the mechanics from the previous version, but some would be hard to balance properly - by the time I decided to drop that, there were new mechanics layering on top of the existing ones, trying to balance things - a time limit to prevent from getting lots of energy, negative effects on multiple EXMs installed to prevent from abusive builds that were breaking any need to get new EXMs and so on. 

I kind of liked the time-limit but I would change it a bit. I really liked breaking things apart to get parts out of them. I liked transferring weapon parts back to have a better starting weapon. There were no side quests that would give you a massive amount of points which would counter the problem with optimising runs to get as much KP as possible. There are lots of things that could be improved to make it a bit complicated but fun and demanding experience. I'd like to develop the ideas from the previous loop but as either classic mode for TFG or as a completely separate game. If it would be a separate game, I would consider TFG something that introduces some basic concepts and that other game would be completely stripped off of any tutorials and explanations, making discovering things an experience on its own. I'd even consider dropping any words, keeping in just pictures, even abstract ones. Keeping it as DLC would be better as this would be a really niche experience but having it as a part of another game, could make it possible to get to people who would never consider trying it.

Hm. It's me that I already have ideas of what the game would be about and how hiding everything and leaving for the player to discover it, would fit the story.

Not now though. Right now, Tea For God is complicated enough to not be a plain shooter (unless you play with infinite ammo/health) but as easy as you could introduce mechanics in a few sentences (someone at the discord server did that :) ).

one more thing, whenever I try to play the PC version with oculus link it displays an error message saying that the game couldn't find my guardian boundary. is there anything i could try to fix this?


Not really. This has to be some bug in the code that either misreads the play area size or jumps too quickly to a conclusion that it is impossible to read that info.

Gonna be fixed.

I hope I'm not annoying you, but this is the last thing I have to ask. Is it possible to kill the turret in the train area?

No worries :) It is possible to kill that turret, it requires lots of shooting though. I will be reducing the amount of health for those turrets, so they're easier to kill. It will be still a waste of energy to do so (unless with infinite energy on, then it will require less time :) ).

Hi! Do you plan on adding your game to oculus applab? I think it would be great to download and update the game directly through headset.

Pozdro! Świetna gra ;)

Yes, I do. I want to make a proper demo first, fix as many bugs as possible and polish it enough, so it's closer to what I want it to be when it's released.

Dzięki :) Jeszcze trochę do zrobienia, ale w dobrą stronę idzie :)

It's a great game but, How do you drop weapons?

You can't just drop them. If you want to change the main weapon, grab it from the forearm with your other hand and take a weapon you want to be the main one. You can also use a weapon mixer station (orange room, the device in the middle) and leave a weapon there.


Loving this Game! One of the Best VR titles I've played. I only have 2 Questions about the map.

1.When using the map how do you tell your orientation/which way you are facing.

2. What is this green circle with a green dot inside.

Overall I love this game a lot and am looking forward to what it will become. 

Thank you :)

1. There's no such information provided. It could be for some open spaces only. When you're inside, due to the nature of impossible spaces, it is impossible to tell the direction. You can still navigate with the navigator modifier on. But instead of thinking about the absolute direction, you should focus on how doors are connected. At some point, I plan to explain it in the game with a few pictures.

2. It is a map device. If you follow the directions above the door, you should find a device with a map displayed on it and a big green button. If you press it, a portion of the map is going to be revealed to you.

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Hey ! I'm not a gamer, just curious about VR. Most of the games/apps on oculus store or sidequest are OK, some of them are really good-looking but yours is HUGE and quite UNIQUE on Quest2! Such a crazy experience. That's the VR i've been waiting for so many years!!! i'll buy it for sure. I just wonder why you develop it alone ? The gameplay is quite perfect but T4G needs to be improved with a clear storyboard and more funny weapons/robots/puzzle/sound tracks. Gathering a small project team would be great! Really want to see it on the Oculus store...in 2021.

Thank you :)

There is going to be a story, although I am not going in the "funny" direction. I want to have bits of humour but instead of having a crazy world that makes you burst in laughter, I'd prefer to keep it weird, alien with glimpses of things that may make you smile or feel uncomfortable. That's the plan and we'll see how it goes.

I develop it alone because the game is quite experimental. Having proper, user-friendly tools for a bigger team, is out of the question right now. I want to see how far can I push things. Right now it is not apparent, but I do not do everything myself. Some bits are/will be done entirely by other people (music, voiceovers), some in cooperation (story).

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Good vibes!
i love corridors design, shape and colors with tiny square on the walls. The textures are just perfect. It helps a lot to walk in a natural way, even running in the right direction as long as u understand the lighted arrows mechanism...would like to see more robots with specific point to shoot like head, heart or fragile legs.

 This game will be a VRstar, get ready !

"would like to see more robots with specific point to shoot like head, heart or fragile legs."

There will be :) Although I want to avoid having enemies with one good way to wreck them.

does it work properly with a classic Oculus Rift ?

Should work fine. I used Oculus Rift for a long time as the main headset for development. Although a year ago I switched to RiftS and most of the playtests I do with Quest.

If it doesn't, let me know.


Played this for the first time on my Quest 2. It is astounding how much fun this game is with even just a small space to play(my living room, with a couch all around me and a TV in front, basically a 9x8 play space). Even without alot of space it really does feel like you are moving through a maze, not just walking around in circles.

Please keep up the great work! I plan to continue playing and look forward to the full release.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very fun game. I didn't check if there was any instructions for playing, but I think I managed to figure pretty much everything out after about 4-5 rounds of the game.

The only thing I'm kind of missing in the game is with the (I'm assuming procedurally generated) shape of the rooms, it would be nice if it would somehow design itself in a way that allows the cable to be untangled. I realize this might not be possible depending on when in the game you handle the generation, but I managed to disconnect my HMD once while playing from the tension of the cable being so twisted.

I bet this game would really be amazing with a wireless headset, as just walking around already adds a lot immersion.

It is amazing on a Quest 2. Im tempted to make most of my house a Guardian space just to see how immense this game can feel.


I’m also really loving the vibe of this game. You’ve created something amazing, and I can’t wait for more gameplay content!

I do struggle sometimes with the floor height. The recently-added height setting helps, but for some reason, sometimes the game thinks the floor is about 6” below my actual floor, which means anything on the ground is inaccessible, and the doorframes are too low. (Yes, I tried resetting the floor height in Oculus.) If there were an in-game floor height setting, this would help a lot!

I can’t seem to figure out the weapons (except basic shooting) and items, so I look forward to new tutorials, either in-game or online.

I discovered a cargo train passing by in one room (wish I could ride it!), and the sliding elevator system, which is brilliant! Are there other non-hallway areas to discover yet?

<span class="s1" <thanks="" again="" for="" your="" work="" on="" this.="" i’m="" telling="" every="" oculus="" user="" i="" know="" to="" download="" and="" explore="" this="" game!<="" span=""></span>

Thanks again for your work on this. I’m telling every Oculus user I know to download and explore this game!


Thank you :)

I'll think about adding the floor offset. Just as an information, the game uses the data that is provided by the system, but doesn't update it when it's already running and you would reset the settings. Right now you would have to close the game, redo guardian and open the game again.Hm, if I'd store the floor offset for a particular play area size, when it gets updated, I could automatically reset the floor offset. This should work I guess :)

I am thinking about either adding (optional) numbers popping from enemies on every damage done or a combat log. I will need to think about the best way to introduce EXMs and weapons. I am the explorer kind of a player and while I'm happy to learn the gameplay mechanics on my own, I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. That's why there are going to be tutorials - they won't be explaining all types of EXMs and items, but the weapons - some of them require an additional explanation (especially the drain damage mechanism).

There's one area that requires tile count to be at least 5x5 (check options/play area and if you have at least 3x3m try changing preferred tile size setting). Besides that, other open space areas are right now just small balconies (tower, well) or other kinds of short walking spaces (towers). I plan to add more areas that go beyond that, but some of them may require larger play areas - either actual size or tile count.

And as for the cargo train. What you see in the currently available version is going to be a level that leads to a train station. And it shouldn't surprise you that the train ride won't be a smooth one ;)

Yo! You are amazing! This game is so good!

I walked over 5 miles yesterday after setting up my quest 2 in my garage. I was literally running through hallways! 

I realize this game is still in pre-alpha so there are some parts that may be missing. I just wanted to see if there is a way to “beat” the game yet. After walking 5 miles and filling up a good portion of the map I realized that new parts of the map generate near the edges on the left or right. Does the world go on forever? Is there a place I’m trying to reach?

I love the lonely wanderer vibe and planning my routes to keep my power levels up. After playing for a while though and exploring every icon I’m left feeling like there is no goal. I’m planning to add some modifiers to make it harder because I truly want to spend hours in this world, I’m just wondering if I’m missing something. Is there an end goal yet? Or will it be added? what are some goals I can imagine to keep entering this world! I love using it as a creative way to exercise in my garage! I can’t wait for more updates and for the full release!

Hey, thanks :)

To be honest, when I heard about the people playing Tea For God in larger spaces and telling that it is a different experience, I didn't believe it. I mean, it was just a bit bigger, right? And then I played it and I understood. That's why I want to add more zones that are focused on larger play areas. Some of them will work with mid-sized (although it sometimes may depend on the tile count, let's say that the smallest acceptable is 3x3m with the tile count 5x5).

There's now no way to beat the game. Actually, what you're playing right now is going to be a part of the game. I will be adding soon a way to finish it and then adding some narrative elements to give it a context.


Currently having every family member run through in the garage. Everyone is blown away by the fact that they can just walk around normally.

Very excited for updates. Excellent work so far!!


I'm loving this so far.


it's amazing.  I'm obsessed. But came here before playing again to ask how the map works.  


If you open a map (assuming you're not playing with Navigator modifier) you will see your current location marked with a red diamond/square. In this particular place, there are three exits. Left, right, down.

If you look above each door (again, assuming you're not playing with Navigator modifier), you will find small displays with various icons flashing. Those icons tell towards which exit or device you will go to if you take this door. So if there's an arrow right, you will move right on the map. If there's blue lightning, you will get to an ammo energy dispenser. If there's an icon that looks like three yellow "i"s, you will get to a room with an upgrade machine. The purple icon takes you to "workshop" where you can mix weapons, buy permanent upgrades, reinstall unlocked upgrades.

If you're playing with Navigator modifier, you lack the information where you are and icons above doors. But even then the navigation is possible. Each part of the map is carefully generated in such a way, that if you have three doors in a room if you take the door on your right, you will turn right on the map. Assuming you know/track where you are and from which direction are you coming. Also when you get outside, looking at other buildings, structures may help you orientate where you are.

While the non-navigator map will be explained in the game, I am not sure about navigator mode. It really screams for a whiteboard with pictures.


I cannot stress enough how great this game is. Kudos for the mad person developing it.

Playing on Quest 2 it really addresses all my expectations for rouge game and exceeds the experience by being highly immersive.
Do not let the screenshots fool you - the modest art style only contributes to the experience making it really clear for a player to read any room or other space that they will find themselves in.

Seriously, consider downloading it and paying the devs now if you like it and buying it again when it will be released in the full version - it is that kind of a great game for VR.

Okay, so I will say something negative to make it sound honest - the game has some bugs, most of them are not critical, I did stumble on 2 or 3 crashes that occurred on game boot. Then I simply started game again and it worked perfectly. If you are looking for super polished experience I would say that you can wait couple of months at least.
But! if you are looking for really well executed VR experience and not the one that could induce any vr-sickness + you like exploration and shooting wait no more and download the Tea for God now, seriously.

Thank you :)

Worth adding is that while I primarily develop Tea For God as a rogue game (with an optional persistent layer, currently there isn't any), I plan to have some more traditional way of experiencing it as well (simple checkpoint / save only in particular places). With both modes having an option for a linear map - I love the open world as it is right now, especially with Navigator modifier that requires you to follow the map but I know lots of people who would like just to go forward, shoot and experience the story (that is coming soonish).

And that bug during start, I think that I fixed it yesterday and I will be creating a minor patch before Christmas.


Very cerebral! This is one of my favorite things i've discovered thus far in VR (fairly new to it.) What a fantastic way of making a limited space feel endless, I'm super impressed. Looking forward to wandering around in it some more! :) THANKS!


An incredibly good game, even though I have little idea what I'm doing. Super fun to actually be walking around with my body with the Quest 2.

The only bug I've encountered is when playing for 30~ minutes, eventually I'll move into a room and the game with hang for a bit and freeze. It only happens on moving into a new part of the map (when the red icon on the map moves to display what part you're in). It'll stutter in and out here and there but eventually just completely stop without crashing. Although the one run I didn't have this problem with was with a bigger guardian.


There were a few of those bugs :( I already fixed some of them. Others I plan to catch with a freeze detector I added recently. 

Incredibly addicting and immersive game with the most kind-hearted developer! :)

Thank you <3

[ERROR] vr error "VRCompositorError_TextureUsesUnsupportedFormat"
i can see the game on the screen but i don't see it in vr :< please help

Could you send me a log file, please?

Look into _logs subfolder for a file named "output.log" and send it to contact@voidroom.com . In the log file I may find a bit more info about the problem which may make it possible to fix it.

Just started playing this game today on my Quest 2 (via. SideQuest) and have tried it in the limited space available in my own bedroom. Really incredible what you've done. I wish I was playing in a space slightly less-crammed- I push my Guardian boundary close to the extreme limits of my space, which means potentially hitting walls or sitting objects while I move around- but I've been very careful thus far and have avoided all but a few extremely minor injuries. Want to try it in my garage next, with a lot more space to move freely.

As it stands, I have two questions:

  1. Are there more complicated "tiles" available to players with larger spaces? In my bedroom I have a roughly... b-shaped space, and i primarily experience a lot of "what feels like" 1x1 corridor tiles and a few 2x2 rooms here and there. T-shapes too. I imagine if you want everyone to have a similar experience regardless of their playspace, it might go against that principle, but obviously I don't know what you have in mind.
  2. When it comes to the story and narrative later down the line, do you plan to include voice-acting? If there are, I'd love to send in an audition or few for consideration when the time is right. :>

Can't wait to play some more- everyone has said it before, but it really is incredible being able to walk around everywhere myself- and I wish you the very best!


At the moment all zones are created in the most generic way to be compatible with anything that goes. Although right now the game supports only rectangular shapes of play area. I'd love to change that at some point. In this week I plan to create the first zone that requires a larger play area. I have plenty of other ideas how to use the larger space and will be trying them out.

BTW in the options, you can adjust settings for play area, like horizontal scaling. This may make the world appear to be a bit larger. Up to 15-20% upscale should not induce motion sickness. If it does, try a lower setting. There are people who are fine with 100% - not me, though :( First I feel like skating, then it goes downhill. But the world appears much larger.

As for the narrative, yes I do plan to include voice-acting :) Send me an e-mail at contact@voidroom.com and we'll discuss things there. Is it ok? :)


Sent! :>

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This is an amazing game. I've been playing it for about a week now on my original Quest and it's surprisingly immersive. One thing I would think would be really interesting as a feature in the full release would be some type of story mode, since it's current endless shooter game mechanic feels a bit arcadey, and there really isn't anything to work towards besides getting better weapons. It would still be procedural, but there would be a goal, and end to the game. Maybe some bosses as well. This is just an idea that I think the game might benefit from, but if you feel like it wouldn't stay true to the original game idea, that's fine. I would still love to play this. I just think it would be cool to see something like that.

Edit: Did you remove the tutorial in the latest update, since I can't seem to find any tutorials and I'm really confused at what all of the new things are and how to use them, like that minimap thing.


There is going to be a story. Currently, I am still changing the basics of gameplay to get the thing to be fun. Right now I am not quite happy with the encounters (the most basic level) as they seem too binary (either "everyone's after you" or "there's no one here"). At a bit hither level there are a few things missing - like reinstalling unlocked EXMs, better weapons and mixing them. I should get it right soonish and then I will start to work on the story.

Yes, the tutorials are gone. They were explaining lots of things that have either changed or are no longer a part of the game. I do not plan to reintroduce them in their form but to incorporate them into the story/narrative.

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I've noticed on my original Quest I always get a distance of 0.0 m. I like seeing the distance I traveled. :) Also is this the best place to report bugs?

Through discord. This one I'm aware of, it's not fixed yet, though. But should be fixed soon :)


really good game I enjoyed it so much 

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Been playing on the Quest 2, and really enjoying it! However, the game crashes if I attempt to put 2 items in a pocket at once (maybe coincidence), and sometimes breaks (completely black screen, sometimes need to reboot headset) if I walk through a wall. Maybe I just got lost? If that's the case, it could be fixed maybe by marking the place on the inside of the wall where the player walks through. Otherwise, it's really great! Keep up the good work! 


Haven't tried putting two things into one pocket. Gonna test it. I got plenty of crash logs (which is bad that there are so many but good that I have them) and the bugs are going to be fixed.

As for walking through walls - there's not system implemented to fight/prevent that. There will be.

Is there any end to the game or do you just continue till you die i played for around an hour and a half on the quest 2 and my run only ended because my headset died.


At the moment there is no objective nor end. It's going to be added and what you play right now is going to be just one section of the game.


We need an Amulet of Yendor :)

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