v 0.4.0 (exms)

It is the first update that includes core gameplay mechanics I want to have in Tea For God. Hence the change in version number to 0.4.0.This one introduces extension modules. These are devices that you can put on your forearms. Some just improve stats (increase damage, health, energy/ammo storage), some are passive (navigation), some are active (shields, deflectors). You can either setup your own build or use one of presets (and there will be more presets coming).

The next update will be focused on some VR functionality (mostly related to scaling) and will include a few minor improvements.
And then... initially I wanted to continue with weapon crafting, but I decided that I should focus on persistence. EXMs will by default be no longer available all at the start. You will have to unlock them (although you will be able to unlock all if you really want to). But more on that later.

With this update, I included a short video that shows how to do a few things (setup EXMs, select them, activate). How having navigation and energy pulling modules on one hand works (and I strongly advise having them on one hand to not waste slots).  And finally, there is a montage presenting how EXMs may be used in different scenarios.

At the end of the video, there is a situation in which you can see yourself. Yes, there is no full body yet. There will be though.

As you can notice in the video, view on a screen has changed to include a bit more information about the systems/stats. This might be changing even more (I'd like to add navigation for sure) and may be useful for any other person to help the player.

And one more thing, I am experimenting a bit with colours for menu. With persistance, I will be changing the main menu once again (to a newer version that will still undergo changes in the future).


v 0.4.0 (#199) 35 MB
Oct 28, 2019
v 0.4.0 (#199) - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
Oct 28, 2019

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Looks good, I'm excited for this update. Really excited for better scaling. I've got a large play space (15x15) are you thinking of adding bigger rooms? It would be cool to enter a large room with a bunch of robots everywhere.

Thanks for all the awesome work, this game is amazing! 

With the scaling, I meant scaling the whole thing up or down, so anyone who is taller than 2m or smaller than, say 1,6m can play it comfortably. Before, taller people would have small enemies, and anyone smaller would not be able to reach for some things. It works quite well, I tried 100cm and everything was so small. With 3m I felt like a small child.

But besides that, I actually plan to support bigger rooms. There are going to be zones available only if you have more space.