v 0.4.2 (profiles, game slots, new menu)

This build was meant to take a week and a half, max two weeks. It took three weeks. Although the actual amount of work was as anticipated, it was spread over three weeks. I was considering to change the name of my studio from "void room" to "room full of sick". And when I thought it is over, it's opposite. But in a while, things should get much better and time taken to add stuff should be the same as the time I predict that will be taken.

That said, with a new build you can track how much time did you spend playing the game and how far did you travel. But first things first.

New menu and UI in general. I decided to change the font that was not easy to read. Resolution of screens/windows is doubled. There are also a few improvements for UI in general that should help with performance. I also redesigned the main menu, as there is something new coming, which I will cover in the next paragraph.

I added profiles and game slots. Profiles are meant to be used by one person (they store such info as height, scaling, in the future the size of the body, length of arms etc, also any custom presets will be stored there), while each game slot is a separate game played by the player. It will contain separate persistence info, story progression and so on. This way you can share your game with more people and you can have a few different games started.

Right now, there is nothing more than that. But in the next build, I plan to introduce the actual persistence layer with unlocks and the system for unlocking stuff.

It should slowly come together. Step by step.

I am tempted to add a tutorial system (with a one or two tutorials) with the next build but it will depend on some external factors. I'd prefer to stick to a build per two weeks.


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