v 0.4.6 (persistance changes, performance)

I'll keep it short. New build (0.4.6) is available. There are four interesting changes (among fixes and some smaller things):

  1. Hand-tracking. You can now choose a different gesture to shoot - fold your thumb. This setting is to be changed with Options/Controls.
  2. Apparatus Grid has been changed a bit. It is now no longer clustered as it was and resembles more a maze.
  3. While it is still possible to fill a forearm with the same EXM, there is a new concept added: efficiency drop due to multiple uses of the same EXM. If you place one EXM twice, each one is less effective. If it is placed three times, even less effective and so on. The idea behind this is to force/encourage (ha, choose one) to use different EXMs. With more EXMs coming it should be clearer what I want to achieve here.
  4. Performance improvement for Quest. A while ago the game was horribly stuttery. It was using 3 cores and was hogging them. And there was a sound thread. Because of that, Asynchronous TimeWarp was messed up. I decided to use only 2 cores for the game and that's when it stopped being stuttery but performance dropped. I got a moment to investigate that issue and added priorities to threads. Now the game uses 3 cores but allows other threads to use cores as they wish. It works better but is still far from what it should be. There are still lots of improvements there to be done.

From things that I am happy with but might be not relevant to you is that I managed finally to get performance tool running in VR, improved fault handler to get a right address in summary visible and created a very simple tool that allows me to download logs and videos from Quest. Before I had to disconnect, connect again, navigate with Explorer and so on. And videos downloaded this way sometimes didn't work. Now I just run the app and download what I want.

What next? Tutorials! I might be adding them in batches to keep updates coming.


v 0.4.6 (#206) - latest build 36 MB
24 days ago
v 0.4.6 (#206) - latest build - Oculus Quest APK 33 MB
24 days ago

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