v 0.5.5 (unlocks, airships, new tower, fixes)

This post is going to be a short one. Just about the new update.

The most important gameplay feature is the persistent unlock system. During runs, you gather experience. With this experience, you may buy unlock prefabricated/permanent EXMs and blueprints for passive and active interchangeable EXMs.

I finally added airships flying around the place. Right now, they just fly around, minding their own business but actually not doing anything. That will change as they are a quite important part of the lore.

I also changed the model for the tower you see in the distance and with both airships and a new tower model I decided to modify fog calculations. I think it looks better now. Also, the viewing distance extended. On Quest, it went up by 50%.

There's also a new door lock mechanism that allows you to lock yourself inside safe points. I plan to use this very device for simple puzzles in the future.

During the last few weeks, I managed to fix a bunch of visual glitches and bugs. Holes in the corridors, very narrow corridors etc. But while I was fixing them, I introduced a few new ones. I will be fixing them for the new build.

Activating spider bot should no longer lag the game and the spider bot is also fixed and should work as intended (explode on contact).

Right now I plan to fix some bugs (exploits, savegames, visual stuff) and work on adding the objective.


v 0.5.5 (#226) 44 MB
Mar 08, 2021
v 0.5.5 (#226) - Oculus Quest APK - latest build 42 MB
Mar 08, 2021

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I just tried playing the game for my second time on my OQ2, and now it won't load at all. It gets stuck in one frame the whole time and never reaches the main menu. I see a little bit of the customized Guardian-like rectangle at the bottom of the screen but that's it; the view is constantly flickering and doesn't rotate with my head. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall? I don't know of a way to clear Unknown Source caches or something, and I have no idea of what caused this, which is a dang shame because it was so amazing and I don't want to lose my points from my first run…

Uninstalling should remove all game files, including config files. After uninstalling and installing it should run as fresh as possible.

If this doesn't help, please contact me here, on Discord or via email (contact@voidroom.com).

Yeah, but I'm concerned that this will just happen again. I even changed the Guardian area multiple times and it still flicker-froze. I think I'll wait for the next update first, to see if that might inadvertently fix anything.

Anyways, fabulous concept with the Escher approach, needless to say!

Me too. This may or may not be related to some settings. If it would just crash, I'd get a crash log. But as it just behaves really odd, the game won't send a log automatically.

If it would happen again, let me know.

(1 edit)

It froze again, in the exact same manner. Both times, I had dropped MSAA to zero and possibly tweaked something in the "VR" setting under it (basically reducing graphics to try to save battery life). Maybe this could be solved if TfG could ask the user, at launch, if they want to reset all video options first (if they're not already at the defaults).

Then I reinstalled and played it with the default settings, and I could continue with no problem. But then I eventually came across a strange screen-shifting glitch; the whole world in my vision kept jittering, even when I wasn't moving. I seemed to be able to stabilize this back to normal by checking the Oculus menu multiple times.

By the way, would you potentially be looking for a voice actor for those first lines by the AI? I'd be interested!

EDIT: I've lost accidentally dropped guns through walls. It would be nice if guns cannot pass through walls or floors. I didn't know what the module to the right side of some saferooms does, so I tried to put a gun in it which made it get eaten by the wall…

I'll check various settings (starting with disabling MSAA). I think that recently I was experimenting with it as there were some glitches and I could have run into a similar bug so it might be fixed already. The suggestion with the question is good but I'd prefer to fix the underlying bug or disable specific options at all to simply avoid the problem. Especially if we're talking about Quest that has certain specifics.

The jittering is a weird one. The game gets the room-scale position of the headset and transforms it against "VR anchor" in the world. VR anchors change only when on a lift. Literally, they're changed only then, so the jittering should not come from this. It should not come from the tracking of the headset itself too, as when a headset has issues with tracking it's not jittering, it shifts every second or so, so it would appear differently. Would it be possible to record the video? It would certainly help, as then I could get some details that could unveil the cause.

As for voice acting, I will be changing the whole opening and most likely dropping that scene altogether. The reason is that I won't be able (time-wise) to implement all the scenes to keep them consistent throughout the game.

I'll be looking into the physics engine. The problem might be when you put your hand through the wall but I should add a special case for such situations. And I just got an idea to specifically fix the problems with that machine. Both when it comes to physics and gameplay (so it is more clear what to do with it).

Wow airships