v 0.3.4

A new build is here!

I started to work on full time basis just few weeks ago, significant chunk of that time went into adding a menu and options. 

Here's a list of the most important changes:

  • one new enemy (sting)
  • two new zone variations (using balconies: well, tower)
  • added options (to access from the game, touch headset with a controller on the side)
  • added turn counter (and a bunch of other fore arm displays)
  • added way to change navigation (this is a proof of concept, for extension modules and to allow to check different navigation methods)
  • added vignette for moving carts
  • added endless mode
  • added safety border for play area
  • added few options for controllers
    • vive wands: grip for picking up and releasing
    • other: grip to deploy main equipment
  • added hand gestures (for vive wands they are automatic when you put your hand over your other forearm)

One of the known issues is related to hand gestures for vive wands. The system works in general, but to be able to point at it hand, you would have to put the controller into the hand. I will have to think about a way to handle this. Currently there is just one system on the hand. A button to change navigation mode. You may event not want to touch that. And while you're not touching that, I will think about a way to tackle the problem.

If you run into any problems (not only crashes), let me know, mail me (contact@voidroom.com), catch me on discord or just leave a post here.

Update: fixed build is available. There were problem with controls (unable to pick up, grab anything) and few other minor issues.


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Apr 16, 2019

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when i changed my graphics settings my forearm  displays where blurry unless something was happening to them. changing settings back did nothing

This looks odd. May I ask you to send me a userConfig.xml file (contact@voidroom.com) - this is to check the settings you have and, if it is possible, a screenshot of how it looks like?

It could happen if FXAA is the only thing set and maybe with some supersampling (oh, BTW, do you have Oculus, Vive or WMR? Oculus has different implementation of supersampling). But then it should appear only a bit blurry but all the time.

sorry, took a while for me to respond. i use a vive and i think i already fixed it. i reinstalled the game so my config file is gone 

Thanks for the update. If you would run into any problems, contact me :)

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I'm enjoying the update, but I've lost the ability to pick up ANYTHING (Vive user), using grip, trigger or button. Can't use levers on the walls, tankbot  or  energy machine. Hand closes, but can't hold on to anything. 

Bugs I've encountered... Elevator maze missing platform and  UP/DOWN elevator that never came to get me.  I've notice a few portals that overlapped but were passable... usually coming out of a tight turn or small platform of tower.  Dead end or 2 that I'm sure shouldn't have been.  Also in one instance the signal/direction button was usable, but forearm display never changed.

Suggestions... moving the mode button on the arm to opposite end of the display... I keep bumping it with the butt of the gun and changing the mode.  The new hand to head menu system makes restart easier, but rather than exit to menu to restart maybe add a "quick restart" button to that menu too until development stage is over for those I'm stuck moments.

On the plus side... loved the color splashes, door and wall shapes and new shootouts that seem to often occur in "well" areas. Fun shooting the new bee drones flying in the distance avoiding my shots.

I tested it with Vive wands but then I think there was a problem with config file during the build. I will check that out. Also, if you could enter the options, controls and change the grip button settings. I will check that fix it, next build I plan to release during this week probably, Easter is coming ;)

What worries me more, are the missing platforms and elevators. Could you send me a log files? I should be able to recreate the levels and check what's going on there.

The forearm display or navigation in general could fail due to problems in the level. For some reason the navmesh was not created properly. I had such bugs earlier and fixed bunch of them but not all.

As for the button. It is now placed there for testing, it's easy to move it to the other end and I shall do this :) On the forearm there shall be various devices, upgrades etc. You will be able to decide which navigation system do you want to use - each one will occupy a different amount of blocks. Pulling energy also will work this way. You will have to decide whether you want to have simplier navigation but more place to put mods and other devices or have, for example, just the simpliest navigation on one hand, and on the other, have pulling energy.

"Quick restart" is a good idea. Do you prefer having completely new level or restart the same? I will do a new one for now. 

I like those small flying guys too :) Did you try to catch them? ;) When I was working on the well region, I decided to put "fake balconies" balconies with corridors that seem to lead somewhere but are dead ended. And to put there some shooting enemies. And I realised that at the moment I just have one type of shooting enemy. Two if you include turrets. This will be addressed soon :)

I changed the behaviors of the controls in the  settings menu and it changed the drop behavior and automatic re-holster, but still no ability to pick up with grip buttons.

Yes, "Restart" should be generate a new level in the same mode you're currently in.

Where do you want me to send the log files?

I will investigate it when I get to my vr setup (tomorrow).

Please, send the logs to contact@voidroom.com