v 0.3.5

A new build, although with not too many visible new features (Hello Easter, hello being sick :( ).

The only really important is loadout setup section. Currently limited to FAD only. These are ForeArm Displays. You can choose what do you want to have on both of your hands. They are the least important and don't alter the gameplay, but they were easiest to start working on a loadout setup. They are just playground to get the functionality there.

Please take note, that this is really Work In Progress. The layout for FAD setup will be changed, it will also be saved to a file so you can keep your favourite setup. There is also no explanation what each one does, just pure names. These will be coming in the following days.

I also fixed two important crashes. One was happening during death in the challenge mode, the second was a random one - related to some room generation. This is also a reason I publish this build.

And as always, if you run into any problems (not only crashes), let me know, mail me (contact@voidroom.com), catch me on discord or just leave a post here.


v 0.3.5 (#173) 52 MB
Apr 25, 2019

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