v 0.3.6 (crouching maze and adjustable height)

Been a while (being sick, again!), but a new build is here.

I modified the main menu and added a section to explain some of the gameplay mechanics. I want to make sure that one thing is clear and I will keep repeating it, these are not tutorials. It's rather a simple encyclopedia.

Other new stuff is related to the player's height. You can change the height of the corridor/door/room. Nothing else changes with that, ie. the enemies are the same. Although I'd like to address that too.

And while I was making it possible to have higher corridors, I added also a crouching section. It also scales accordingly to the player's height, nominal height is 1,25m. There are no enemies and it can be disabled. By default option is set to auto and it depends on the tile's size.

Both new options are in options/play area.

And as usual, if you find a bug, have an idea, contact me, mail me (contact@voidroom.com), catch me on discord or just leave a post here.


v 0.3.6 (#177) 51 MB
May 14, 2019

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First of all congratualtion to the new build. I like the crawl passages very much. Too bad that you can't crawl on all fours with the controllers in your hand. By the way interesting how many new environments there are now if you only play often enough. Some come really only very rarely.
I still have two bugs for you:
1. i had it two times that i started without weapons.
2. the display for the energy levels is always blurred: https://imgur.com/a/LxLJQkl

I wish you continued success!

Tight corners could get really unconfortable but there is no reason to add sections with even lower height ;)

Right now there are 8 sections and they are chosen randomly. This is just a test bed right now. When I get more environments, both with new generators and just new variations of existing ones, I will change that to have whole levels with a different mood and pacing. Some will be full of shooting enemies, others will have turrets etc. And the looks should be more consistent throughout a level. Now it is just all random stuff put together.

About the bugs:

1. It would be great if there was a chance to send me a log although I expect that it might be hard to track that particular logfile. Did you have such bug earlier or was it introduced lately? I expect it to happen in this or only since the previous version.  I was changing how equipment is generated for the player and I could mess up something. Good news is that the weapons generation system is one of the things coming in following weeks. I plan to do modular weapons and the generation of them will be changed (code-wise too) so the bug should go away then.

2. This seems that it doesn't blend it properly. It looks that instead of blending a blurred version with a sharp image, it just renders the blurred one. At the start, there is this booth and at the side there is a screen with an arrow. Does the arrow look ok or is it blurred too?

You can make small and short very low crawl passage which are only unique and lead into a secret room. There you could hide loot or trophies.
1. No, I haven't had that before. I have attached my logfiles from yesterday. The first should be the one with the missing weapons. I think there was a freeze on the penultimate logfile during the generation of the second round.


2. I don't know anything about the arrow, because I've never used it before or really noticed it. When activating the weapon the display did not blur for a moment. If you like I can make a video with OBS tonight.  The side LCD bar on the arm is clearly recognizable by the way.

1. Couldn't get the weapons. I added a few things to log and maybe I will catch it. But as I said, I am going to change weapon system anyway. As for the freeze, I have a strange repro that is different to what comes out of your logs. I am now fixing it.

2. That arrow is that arrow that goes up and down on a screen to the right of the big black "elevator box". It gets blurred after each placement change. As I mentioned in the other comment, I will be investigating it.

Blurred display Video:


That blurred display video is amazingly useful. It happens on all devices and happens when nothing is redrawn on a device. This means that it reuses incorrect output (it uses last output to add some effects but it should mix two). I still don't know why this happens but what's worse,  I can't repro it. I will be investigating it. If I won't be able to find anything, there is still one thing I can do, redraw every display when it is visible.

I couldn't find any cause. I modified system a bit to reuse render targets a little bit more sparse but that may not help much. What I also did is that I added a lots of logs to get what's going on with the display. If you could download http://voidroom.com/temp/tea_v_0_3_6_176.zip (unpack it to a separate folder as it logs a lot and logs grow quickly), run it and start the game. When it starts, just look at your hands and then quit the game. And send me a log file. I will investigate if the system uses proper render targets. If that fails, I will have to think of some other solution.

Voilà pour vous:

First log: No weapons

Second log: MSAA 16x = Blurry display
Third log: MSAA 2x = Display clear and OK


Thank you :D That MSAA x16 was responsible for the blur. I didn't have much time to investigate but for the displays there was no need to use MSAA anyway, so that is now fixed. I couldn't repro the missing weapons, but I think that I got it fixed.
Check http://voidroom.com/temp/tea_v_0_3_6_177.zip