v 0.3.7 (reactor = time limit)

New build is here.

This one introduces one very important change. A feature called "reactor". You will no longer be able to play endlessly. Although for a while it is possible to extend the playtime. Current balance is completely off. From starting 20 minutes in three levels (after 14 minutes) I was at 37 minutes left. The thing works by buying additional time for energy. You get more energy from enemies now, but with every minute passing, the cost for additional second is growing. 

There is a new device, a terminal that you can connect to. It is at the stations between levels. You should go to "energy transfer" to move energy between devices or buy/sell time.

Another thing is a new zone variation. Bridge with cannons. It is a platform crossing (between towers over a chasm) but instead of enemies dropping from the sky, there are just a few cannons (huge turrets) on the other side tracking you. On each platform there are mid-sized railings that you can hide behind. There are no "transparent" railings, so if you crouch/duck, you're almost always fine. Unless there is a very steep angle. On challenge, without navigation, it is currently the most demanding level. Completely different in feel.

To try new zones, there is a new option added when you start a game. Select "only new" to check new zones. Well, one new zone in this case.

I am quite happy with the reactor feature as it opens a lot of possibilites. It just requires balancing. I will be changing that in coming updates.

There will be also a post dedicated to reactor feature. Reasons behind it and things that it makes available.


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May 26, 2019

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BTW: This look´s very interesting:

Haven't tested it yet but it seems to be a concept what you could add. I read about this concept in a trade magazine two years ago. 


Just tried it on 6mx4.5m. Very cool but also very dangerous! Therefore you need a strong VR stomach. I almost fell over 2 times :-) But cool, fun! Too bad that the demo is so small.

I was looking into that idea too. Both impossible spaces and redirected walking are with us for a long time. There are few issues I have with this one:

  1. It won't work in really small spaces, this can be ignorable or for smaller areas this could be not used at all.
  2. You said it. Strong VR stomach - the bigger the space is, the less noticable it is and less strong VR stomach you need. The prototypes were in a much larger space (20mx20m?) walking through a city. It was amazing to see people just gently steer into different directions.
  3. It could work only for very narrow pathways, which is something I would love to have and now the longest I can have are diagonals (not used yet). Other than that, in an action game, if you'd like to jump to the side, you can easily bump into a wall.
  4. Strong VR stomach again. It is extremely important to me to make the experience as comfortable as possible. There are some elevators in the game that may make some people dizzy. I will be either trying to make that less noticable or to disable them by default (just as crouch sections are disabled).


In the latest version I can't call the options anymore. You can open the main options window but if you select a sub-item you can only see this here and you can't select anything anymore:


Here is a logfile for you:


Greetings Vince

Hey Vince and thanks for the info.

It is fixed now, build #179, few other small things were fixed, reactor tweaked and no reactor in the experience mode.

this is one of the best ideas ive seen in any game

It can be considered a variation of good old "extended time" from 80s. Although the idea came from "what should we do with excess energy". I will be posting a few words about it soon.

yea ive always had a little too much, maybe a new super challenge mode would be cool.

:D at some point I will expose settings so it can be adjusted.

Currently it is so easy because I didn't want to make experience shorter, but to be honest, I could just disable the reactor and tweak values to make challenge harder - (and that's what I'll do for the next build.