v 0.3.8 (a train!)

While most of the time I spent on porting, I had a few days that I was discovering problems with my code. And it happened because I switched to a newer Visual Studio (and Clang for Oculus Quest port). I managed to fix a few bugs but I expect more to unveil quite soon. Sending crash reports manually might be quite annoying. That's why there's (finally!) a new feature - automatic crash report sending. You are only asked if you want to send or not and if so, the crash is reported.  I expect that this way, I will get more crash reports, so it should be easier to find a source of each problem.

This is one of the new things in a new build.

Another one is a new zone. It's actually just a variation for balconies room generator. And an idea from the previous zone, the one with turrets shooting at you. Only now there are no railings to duck behind. Instead, there is a huge monorail train with containers that you can use as a shield. 



There is at least one more thing I'd like to add to this zone and I will add that in the meantime.

Of course, there were also other smaller things done. one worth mentioning is the groundwork for different LOD for various platforms and LOD in general.

Now, there's more of porting work to do.


v 0.3.8 (#183) 33 MB
Jun 26, 2019

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At least on the Quest you can cheat a little with enough playspace and jump on the train and ride along for a while. At some point you can get out again at the other end and when you get out at a place not intended for that the game crashed. Very funny!  +1    :-D

This is a good one :D easy to fix. Makes me remember a bug I had a long long time in a different project ago where you could stop an elevator mmidfloor and there was emptiness beyond the door. Someone did something they shouldn't and the game didn't act properly. Thanks for the info :)

Why fix? This could also become a feature, I thought it was actually quite nice to ride it. Jump up and get off at the next station. If you're too slow, you get through an energy barrier and get disassembled into your atoms. The train could also go round in circles and you look at the current level (sightseeing).

You desync with vr space and the rest of the level would have to be rearranged. Trust me, I was thinking about switching platforms on move :)

I got to say man.. This is one of the best VR games that I've tried ever!  I personally didn't have any bugs or glitches playing, the gameplay is super fun even though it was hard to understand at first, and the robots scared me half to death sometimes. In my opinion this is way better than some games I payed 20 dollars for on steam. There is only one other game I found that uses the impossible spaces concept, but it was boring and clunky and it didn't account for your play space. I can't believe your on only version 0.3.8 and it's all ready this good. Thank you so much for this game, hope you don't give up, and when you feel ready please bring this game to steam! 

Never gonna give it up (in Rick Astley's voice) ;)

There is still a lot to do, in terms of core gameplay loop/mechanics and actual game content.

Bugs and glitches... Bug reporting system was worth implementing. I received lots of reports. There were four different bugs that are now fixed (well, one is -maybe-fixed- but there is an additional info added to the log that should help locating the issue). When I was testing if everything works, I also run into another issue, that I couldn't repro. It doesn't crash the game, but I have it in the tracker to fix it.

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Will try it on the Quest, using the ALVR is a bit frustrating, it can happen easily that your play area is moved bit by bit. Currently mine is misplaced and I have no ambitions to repair it.

Can't await the Quest version.