v 0.3.9 (Quest port!)

Last month was pretty mad. I was going mad at times. After the initial two weeks of porting, I realised that it may take more time than I anticipated. I expected it to take me maybe three weeks top. It's been five - I excluded usual update and bug fixing.

It works now.

What went wrong?

For starters, I was completely new to do anything on Android (well, I did a very simple app a long time ago but I used an existing framework and just modified a template, so that doesn't count). There were no problems running examples using Android Studio. Getting that work with Visual Studio was a bit harder. And then there was dealing with my code-base. I was really thinking that my code is well written and there are no issues. Clang compiler quickly proved me wrong. Time after time. And then I had issues trying to get FMOD to run on Quest, which turned out to be an extremely easy thing to do, but I've spent 10 hours working on a solution, learning about java integration and build process. And then, there were OpenGL ES nuances. And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't introduce at least one new bug (there were two).

But - it works now.

And I learned a lot, improved my tools, added some general improvements to the game.

There are a few optimisations already done. A little bit simplified shaders (that are still too heavy, both on PC and Quest), meshes are simplified (and that was really easy, thanks to procedural generation, although that still could get improved), blending is switched off in many places, there are no shadow masks nor post-processes on displays.

There is no FXAA, MSAA is switched to x2, rendering scale to 90% and a maximum setting of foveated rendering. I'd prefer to go with MSAAx4, less aggressive foveated rendering and 100% rendering scale. And I will be trying to get there.

What now? I am going to get through the bugs that were reported in last few weeks, get some crash reporting for Quest (if that's possible at all) and then get back to working on gameplay, which means back to more regular builds.

update: build #186 has fixes for missing controllers in SteamVR and fixed misplaced playarea for Oculus (PC).


v 0.3.9 (#184) 33 MB
Jul 11, 2019
v 0.3.9 (#184) - Oculus Quest APK 54 MB
Jul 11, 2019

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Hi, great to hear! Is it already available in sidequest? This would make it visible to many quest owners.

Ah, forget it. Its already there :D