v 0.3.10 (performance improvements)

New build fixes "one hand" issue and contains lots of improvements. Some sacrifice the details. But in places where the framerate was dropping to 50 it is now still at 72. And that's at 100% scale (not 90%).

What has been done?

I had way too heavy shader. Well, it is still too heavy. But managed to slim it a bit. Note that all of these are for Quest although some were also applied for PCVR, so they'll help in general. For most of the objects the fog is not calculated any more. It is calculated for a whole object, instead of per pixel. The voxels (or rather, voxely textures) are now gone for certain objects and for others are simplified/unified. The reflecting background is much simpler. Player's hands have less details. And they still require a bit of work to be lighter.

Almost no other bugs were fixed in this build (vacation!) but after the weekend they should be coming. I plan to fix a bunch of things and release a new build. After that, I should get back to adding new stuff. Finally!

I will be still working on performance but this should be rather a background task (this means that I won't be focusing it too much now, but if I find something worth trying, I'll test it and if it helps, I'll keep it).


v 0.3.10 (#187) 33 MB
Jul 26, 2019
v 0.3.10 (#187) - Oculus Quest APK 54 MB
Jul 26, 2019

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Thank you for update!!  I’m glad you have been able to keep moving forward and make the game better and better. 

It's a full-time thing right now and soon there should be more updates with actual content, not just technical stuff :)

Thanks for your email about the update.It's one of my favorite quest games and it has such retro reminders of 70s and 80s sci fi.Logan's run and soylent green.Jesus is mankind's sole hope !

I really like those old movies with such a dim vision of the future. My favourite scene is the one with a teaspoon with strawberry jam. Every time I eat strawberry jam, I remember it. Makes me appreciate strawberry jam a bit more ;). But the movie from that period I like most and I was terrified was Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I would like to see "another world" which was originally "out of this world" done in full vr.Your innovation is remarkable,it brings that feel to fill first person in vr.I like the game wolfeinstein 3d in vr which was released on itch too.It needs a quest port.If you did another title,the original black and white "the thing" movie totally playable and done in vr.You are really on to something here buddy and have created something very unique and interesting.Jesusavesouls!