v.0.3.11 (dealigning rooms and corridors, bug reporting)

I know that there won't be a year I won't get sick. Some medications have... funny side effects. One thing that I took resulted in dizziness which made me sleepy. I decided to check in the changes I did. And then something went wrong. I was half-way through writing a commit message when I changed language and mid-word I decided to write about something else. There's now one commit with a message that makes no sense. I am going to keep it that way.

Back to the game. There's a new build. There are two very important things:

  1. Auto reporting bugs from Quest. For PC it has changed - now bugs are reported automatically (doesn't ask if to report or not). This may result in the list of bugs growing rapidly. But it's better to have 100 repros of the same bug than not being aware of that bug existing.
  2. Currently, the way the rooms and corridors were created was using axes (X, Y) to align walls/directions. I changed that (and fixed a bunch of bugs AND improved generating a bit in general) so now the rooms may be rotated. This should make some of the zones feel less tiley. At the moment there is just one zone that uses that. And it happens only when there are at least 4x4 tiles. I might write about that in a separate post.

There are also other improvements:

  • shorter crouch zone.
  • less cannons for guard cannons zone (four was way too much), I also changed how this zone is generated and where cannons are. There should be no situation (read: it should be much less likely) in which you can't hide because cannon is above you.
  • a bunch of bug fixes (not the elevators yet) and added some of the missing stuff on Quest (there was no red tint when health was getting lower, pick up/pocket indicators were way off and a few more).
  • much lighter arms+hands. I was not aware how much different Quest's GPU is when compared to, let's say, nVidia GTX 970. Some of the stuff that I am now changing will be beneficial for both PC and Quest. But some are just Quest specific, less details, much simpler meshes. It still gets choppy a lot. One of the things that I am really missing is LOD system that would render simpler meshes when further away. This should be very useful in elevator bridges when there are lots of platforms.

Quest on left (1081 tris), PC on right (8107 tris). What's important is that I have a single description of the hand, I just change how many subdivisions there are, don't generate some bits (dark edges) and replace some of the things (hinges) with simpler versions.

I should get a few more bugs fixed, the elevators being the most important right now. And I will start working on extension modules. I will probably have to add a simple shop to buy/sell/exchange stuff. Of course, there will be some extension modules that can be found falling out of destroyed robots but you should be able to buy, at least the most basic/popular ones.

Oh, and a custom difficulty setup.


v 0.3.11 (#190) 31 MB
Aug 09, 2019
v 0.3.11 (#190) - Oculus Quest APK 55 MB
Aug 09, 2019

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In this build I ran in to walls covering the path forward. I could walk through the wall and continue forward though. There were also spots where the floor and the ceiling directly above were black with no texture. These spots stayed in the same spot even if I walked away and came back to them.  I also had one instance where the hallways twisted in to a small hole. like a funnel. I'm running on a  i5 4690K and GTX 1660

Hi, thanks for reporting those bugs. Do you have build #190 or #191. #191 has lots of fixes for generation, although it is possible that I did not catch everything. Could you send me a log file, please? To contact@voidroom.com. One log file that was done when you run into one of those issues could be enough. Logs are located in subfolder "_logs" in folder where you put the game.

I got crash reports when level can't be generated at all but not when there is just a wall in front. Although I run into a few different bugs that were resulting in a corridor incorrectly generated, it was collapsing onto itself. This could result in a wall on the way (although in cases I had it was so weird, that it was right behind the door. Noticed that only because I was investigating something else.


Thanks for your work on this and involvement with those who like it and support it.Jesusavesouls !


Sorry you were sick. That sucks!  Glad you are feeling better and got so much done!  Can’t wait to try it out. 

I came back to this game after a month and it was crazy. I mean first was a wall blocking my way, I glitched out and saw it stretched out forever. then I experienced a room split into a million pieces, then it kept getting weirder. maybe there should be an option to go back to the old way of generating layout. I love your game and these trippy bugs are probably bad but i'm having fun with them.

There are walls that seem to be stretched forever but I haven't implemented room that splits into a million pieces. If you remember when that happened and could get a log for that run and send me, I would investigate and find the cause of the bug.

I am not planning on keeping older ways of generating levels. This would turn into a maintenance nightmare. Having generation that works for any size of play area still requires lots of testing - and even tested a lot, I get reports about problems for cases I have never run into. These are fixed as soon as I get them :)


The game is awesome. I am glad you are doing better. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what this game becomes. This is one of the most immersive games I have played and would pay a really good amount for it. Keep it up!