v.0.3.12 (non-linear levels and more difficulty classes)

A new build with a few new things.

The most important to the game are more open levels. Before that levels were linear. In the experience mode, there was just one path. No crossroads. If you just followed the path, you reached the exit. In the challenge mode, in a few zones, there were small mazes. You had rooms with three exits. If you managed to leave a maze, you were advancing further to the next zone and the next and eventually you reached the exit. In other words, each zone could connect with two other zones, there was one way in and one way out.

This now has changed as each zone may connect with up to four other zones. And it can connect to the same zone twice. Levels are now huge mazes. If you have a bridge, there is not just a single entrance and exit. You may have two doors on each side. If you have towers, more towers may have doors. And so on. At the moment there is nothing you can find in the level, it is just more complicated for no reason - other than exploration/confusion - that depends on what your cup of tea is.

But you still have navigation aid. It may come handy when you end up in such a place.

Or... Let's imagine that there is no navigation aid.

There is now not just the experience and the challenge mode. I changed that to five difficulty classes: tourist, warrior, explorer, pilgrim and zealot.

  1. Tourist is what before was the experience mode.
  2. Warrior is almost the same thing as the challenge mode (you give a little bit less damage to enemies)
  3. Explorer introduces non-linear levels. There is no reactor (no time limit). You receive less damage. But you don't have a navigation aid. You're on your own trying to find the exit.
  4. Pilgrim is what I consider the basic difficulty level. Levels are non-linear, but you have a navigation aid. Enemies are harder to kill (the big guy can't be just shot, etc) but there are no buffs.
  5. Zealot is similar to Pilgrim, but there are buffs (-25% to damage you give, +25% to damage you receive) and there is no navigation aid.

And there's also one more thing. Custom difficulty. You can now choose anything you like. Harder bullet-sponge enemies, but you can't get out of ammo. Some combinations don't make much sense right now, like "immortal + reactor". If you run out of time, you won't die. This may change to have the game end and while you won't be able to die, your energy will be drained from the reactor.

I also managed to fix a bunch of bugs. Some of which I couldn't repro, although I've seen people having them (the most important was a bug with elevators).


v 0.3.12 (#192) 33 MB
Aug 20, 2019
v 0.3.12 (#192) - Oculus Quest APK 31 MB
Aug 20, 2019

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Thank you so much for the hard work you've put into this game! Tea for God and Beat Saber are the only reasons my VR headset isn't collecting dust, so you can imagine my appreciation :D

Your game and its concept is really great. Unfortunately on my Quest the performances are really bad and the game is almost unplayable. Assuming all Oculus Quest have the same hardware, what configuration should i change to make it playable?

At the moment please change supersampling (options/video) to something really low (0.6).

The performance on Quest is really bad right now and I will be improving that although right now it is in't the top priority (although expect improvements now and then). I am still considering doing more drastic changes to the rendering and/or art direction.


Thanks again for new excellent updates.



Awesome!  This is really sounding good. :)

I also plan to add a map, so you can choose where to go. But that should happen after core gameplay mechanics are there.

Yay!  That sounds so cool!